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If there’s one thing anime fans hate, it’s filler episodes. Almost anyone can agree that filling is one of the most boring parts of a series. Sometimes fans will even look for a way to completely skip the filler pieces. Despite the poor filling quality, this is an important part of the anime.

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It fills the spaces left in the unfinished manga, adds new storylines that bring more excitement to a series, and gives more development to the characters fans know and love. Love it or hate it, the infill can bring more to the table of a series, making it better than it could ever have been without it.

ten The 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist Adds Heavy Plots To The Series

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 Cast shot

Because the second half of the 2003 series Fullmetal Alchemist deviates so much from the manga’s conclusion that some fans see it as a burden on its own. This adaptation brings in a lot of dark and disturbing stories, which gives it a much heavier feel than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

While this may not be an accurate depiction of the source material, the series is worth watching. What he brings to the franchise is great, despite his disappointing ending. Additional characters who bring additional interest to the dark secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone, the 2003 anime has a lot to offer any fan.

9 Shugo Chara’s Filler Includes Adorable New Characters

The animated adaptation of Shugo Chara! includes lots of filler episodes, added to keep track of airtime until the manga storyline can be updated. While fans might not like full fill arcs, the ones in this series are a lot of fun and enjoyable to watch. They’re also bringing in new characters to join the original cast, such as Lulu, an additional villain working for Easter, and Rikka Hiiragi, who follows in Amu’s footsteps.

Loads also tend to follow the classic “Monster of the Week” trope found in many other Magical Girl series, which, while repetitive, provides an entertaining plot to each episode.

8 Boruto’s fill can be nicer than the main storyline

Boruto's family photo

Most fans of Naruto say that his successor series, Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto, is a sad imitation of the beloved classic. The story now follows Naruto’s son as he makes his way through the ninja world, and many believe he falls short of the previous series. Whether this is true or not, the filler stories in Boruto are always a fun addition, and in some ways they can be even better than the main storyline.

They tend to focus on families on the show, showing heroes that everyone enjoys taking on new roles as parents. There is often a lighter tone in these episodes, and they form a nice contrast to the fights and struggles.

7 Inuyasha has a lot of good load

Inuyasha Gang

Inuyasha is known for its abundance of filler episodes. They drag the series around and make it much longer than it would be without it. Some fans would rather skip these episodes, but the infill is part of what makes it so good.

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Through these episodes, audiences are offered a lot more development of the characters and their relationships. Watching them struggle through these little side-quests as a group makes the journey even more rewarding when they reach the end. They also help shape the series’ supporting characters better, giving them more prominence than before.

6 Black Butler has an entire filler season fans should watch

Black Butler Actor II

It is well known that the last half of black butler the first season and the entire second season are entirely different from the manga canon. As with all series that stray from the source material, some fans are very against it, while others like it more than what the manga offers.

While the question of whether these storylines are canon is open, fans shouldn’t miss these anime-exclusive episodes. They add a lot to existing characters while also bringing new characters that bring a new twist to the series.

5 The infill in Cowboy Bebop is important to the overall plot

bebop cowboy team

For most series, Cowboy Bebop remains an episodic tale. There are plenty of episodes that fans consider filler and can even skip on a second watch. However, even the seemingly less important filler episodes contribute to the overall plot of the series.

Each episode has something vital sprinkled on it that ultimately connects to the big picture later on. Anyone who likes a story that slowly unfolds across many smaller stories would love to watch this anime classic.

4 Naruto’s fill is better than what people make of it

Naruto may hold a lot of charge, but that charge is more than just an unnecessary arc to make the series last. These episodes are essential to the series, and one of the primary means is the character development that they provide for many characters. In Naruto, there are so many characters who are nowhere near enough screen time or room for development.

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Charges give these characters a much needed chance to shine. Fans can see interactions that would never have been possible without the added episodes, giving audiences time to connect more with all of the characters, not just the main ones. This connection allows for greater emotion as the series reaches its famous conclusion.

3 Clannad’s filler gives more depth to supporting characters and strengthens family bonds

Clans basketball game

Although primarily focused on the plot, clandestine has its fair share of filler episodes. Unlike the usual filler, these episodes normally still connect with the original plot in some way. Even the ones that have little plot relevance are definitely worth watching.

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They give more information about the supporting actors, allowing viewers to know more about them. And as you would expect with the series, the fills are just as moving and heartbreaking as anything the main storyline has to offer. For those who like a good, heartfelt story, Clannad ‘Loads of s are a must-watch.

2 Yu Gi Oh ! Has some of the best filler arcs in all of anime

Yu Gi Oh Virtual World

Considering how long the original Yu Gi Oh ! the streak went on, it’s no surprise that it has a lot of load. While some of these are a boring chore to go through, there are some great fills in the series. Yu Gi Oh !’fill arcs are often some of the funniest and most interesting trips of the bunch.

They throw the cast into a whole new setting, sometimes even with a new game to learn. These arcs also introduce audiences to new characters who often quickly become fan favorites, such as Noah Kaiba, an exclusive anime.

1 ’90s Sailor Moon anime gives Senshi much more development

Many fans are complaining about the amount of charge present in the ’90s adaptation of sailor moon. While it can be overkill at times, even the longest fill arcs are an important part of this series. They give the audience more time with the cast, allowing their personality to flourish.

Fans can get to know each Sailor Senshi more than they ever could, creating an even greater emotional attachment to the characters. On top of that, the charges allow Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship to develop at a slower, more natural pace. This makes their love much more believable and creates higher stakes for the times they are apart.

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