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Even though Netflix announced the cancellation of its live-action adaptation of cowboy bebop, the viewer’s response is less than indignant. Indeed, one of the major complaints of the Netflix series is that it fails to capture the anime’s original tones. the original cowboy bebop was a pioneering series for the genre.

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Even though the series has a gritty, futuristic, western feel to it, it’s also loaded with moments of dry humor that underscore the series’ satirical quality. The comedy in cowboy bebop is subtle, sarcastic, and acts as comic relief to the violent adventures of the Bebop crew. What makes the humor powerful and refreshing is how it’s sprinkled into the show’s tense moments.

ten The moldy fridge

In episode 11, “Toys in the Attic”, Spike Spiegel realizes that his moldy leftovers in the fridge are responsible for the slime that attacked the crew members. Like in the movie Extraterrestrial, Spike opens the airlock and the fridge is sucked into space. This moment is funny because it plays on a common complaint among co-workers. This moment amplifies the joke that someone’s remains develop their own ecosystem. This is just one of the ways the anime has used humor to make the members of Bebop easier to relate to. Most people can relate to the frustrations of having co-workers leave their leftovers to rot in the company refrigerator. This moment amplifies the joke that someone’s remains develop their own ecosystem. This is just one of the ways the anime has used humor to make the members of Bebop easier to relate to.

9 hostile fire

Faye looks annoyed in Cowboy Bebop anime

During Episode 5, “Ballad of the Fallen Angels”, Spike’s investigation leads him to confront the ghosts of his past which results in an intense shootout in a cathedral. At one point, a gunman aiming at Spike almost shot Faye in the chest, to which she yelled “watch out”. This illustrates the dire situation in which Spike is understaffed and underarmed and how Faye’s priority is to preserve her physical assets. It’s a running joke with Faye’s character. Although Faye is resourceful and a skilled bounty hunter, she is also vain. This is just one example of when she expresses concern over her physical attributes rather than the dangerous situation.


8 key vocals

Spike and Faye on cowboy bebop

Another laughing moment comes from episode 5 after Spike is shot in the cathedral. Faye saved him during the shootout and as he regains consciousness he can hear her singing. As Spike struggles to express his gratitude to her, she steps closer and Spike moans, “You’re singing out of tune.” Spike has many humorous quotes on the show and this answer is funny because it’s consistent with Faye and Spikes’ competitive relationship. Even though they both care about each other, they compete for money and recognition. So even though Faye saved Spike’s life, he feels he should have the last word. It’s also an example of how the dry exchanges between the Bebop crew members balance out the series’ heavy tones.

7 The dog race

Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Episode 2, “Stray Dog Strut,” is full of delightful moments as it introduces corgi Ein, a beloved character from the show. When another group of criminals attempt to take over Ein with a dog whistle truck, chaos erupts in the town. This resulted in a parade of dogs running through the streets and the destruction of a wedding party. This moment was unexpected and provided a break from the constant character introductions and exposition in the early episodes. Ein is often used for comic relief and is a welcome break from the series’ drama and violence. Whether it’s begging for food or running around the ship with Ed, Ein always manages to lighten the tone of the episode. Because cowboy bebop is an intensely detailed anime, the persistent pattern of subterfuge and combat can get tiring and that’s when Ein’s antics are most appreciated.

6 Chess prodigy

Ed playing chess in Cowboy Bebop

In episode 14, “Bohemian Rapsody”, Chessmaster Hex enjoys playing electronic chess with his contractors. Ed begins to play against Hex with a confiscated chess piece and Hex exclaims with delight that his opponent is either an “idiot or a genius”. This statement teases the dramatic irony of the episode. Even though his opponent is unknown to Hex, audiences are aware of Ed’s eccentricity and intelligence. Of all the human characters on the show, Ed is the most frivolous. His immaturity and levity should not be confused with madness. Ed is a techno genius and becomes an essential member of the team.

5 Spike catches a ride

Smiling Spike in Cowboy Bebop

In episode 3, “Honky Tonk Women”, Spike meets Faye in a casino. As Faye begins to escape a casino brawl in her ship, Spike jumps onto the windshield and gives Faye a smirk through the glass. The moment tones down the tension of the fight and paints the whole event as a comedy of errors.

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This illustrates how Spike’s antics can lighten up tense situations. Even though Spike is a skilled and formidable character, he exhibits a spontaneity that gives the show examples of comic relief. This is just one example of Spike’s recurring dry humor, which treats serious situations as if they were harmless.

4 Spike’s squeaky voice

Spike smiles while offering candy in Cowboy Bebop.

It’s often the unexpected moments that generate comedic moments in cowboy bebop. And one of the series’ unexpected moments is Spike’s high-pitched helium voice. In episode 8, “Waltz for Venus”, Rocco Bonnaro begs Spike to teach him some fighting moves. As Spike turns him down, he walks out of the airport and his voice suddenly jumps several octaves. The silly voice paired with Spike’s attempt to stay cool and aloof provides an unexpected moment of levity in a mostly serious episode. Spike’s character is funny in two different ways. Sometimes he acts intentionally sarcastic, light-hearted and witty. At other times, he becomes the victim of humorous situations as he tries to be serious. This moment is an example of the latter.

3 Message from the aliens

Kellerman in a news program in Cowboy Bebop

In episode 9, “Jamming With Edward”, one of the news stations reports mysterious ground drawings on Earth in South America. The news anchor asks a specialist, Y. Kellerman, what the drawings mean. Despite reports suggesting the images were made from a satellite’s laser, Kellerman says it is actually a message from extraterrestrials.

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This witty joke pokes fun at conspiracy debates. It is ironic that even in the future, conspiracy theories are still developing, even with existing evidence to a different conclusion. cowboy bebop was okay to play on the “aliens as an explanation” joke as it has been enduring in the 21st century. This joke is timeless because many viewers avoid or delve into TV conspiracy theories. It is the timelessness of Cowboy Bebop’s humor that keeps the anime relevant.

2 Long time blues fans

Jet Black and Datty kissing in a bar from Cowboy Bebop

At the start of episode 6, “Sympathy For The Devil”, Jet Black spots an old acquaintance, Fatty, in a blues bar. When Jet states that Fatty didn’t know he was a blues fan, Fatty replies that he loves jazz since it was “always in my dad’s bag!” cowboy bebop is not lacking in crude humor and Jet is a powerful and dimwitted character. Every time he joins the missions, he adds more silly humor by making silly comments. By this point in the season, audiences have gotten used to Jet’s personality. What makes this moment fun is seeing that Jet’s friends share the same kind of dirty humor.

1 cute tattoo

Faye looks bored in Cowboy Bebop

In Episode 7, “Heavy Metal Queen”, Faye hunts a criminal named Decker who has a dragon tattoo. She spots a tall, muscular man with a barely visible tattoo on his chest. Faye rips off the man’s shirt and reveals a kawaii tattoo of an eel on his chest. The man says, “I have a thing for eels.” The jokes revolve around the irony of mislabeling someone based on their physical characteristics. This moment is fun because it also subverts audience expectations. Viewers expected the tough, muscular man to be a criminal. This subtle joke is the funniest moment because it exemplifies the most prevalent type of humor in cowboy bebop, the subtle change of the expected result with a touch of humor. While most viewers today wouldn’t find a muscular man sporting a nice tattoo funny, most would appreciate the humor of the situation. It’s funny that Faye, who constantly uses female stereotypes to her advantage, fails because she’s stereotyping another person.

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