10 Games That Feel Like Playing An Animated Series


Video games have always been satisfying ways for the gamer to relax or challenge themselves, but increasing technological advancements allow games to tackle more complex territory. Visual aesthetics is an area where video games have seen incredible growth, from photorealistic characters to deeply stylized games much like an animated series.

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There is a healthy relationship between video games and anime, and it is common for one medium to adapt the other to bring the story to a wider audience. However, there are also games that really make audiences feel like they are playing an episode of an anime.

ten Okami is a soulful metaphor rich in anime staples

Cropped Okami PS4

Okami is such an elegant work of art that easily gives the impression that it could be a Studio Ghibli undertaking, both in terms of appearance and subject matter. The game features a remix of various Japanese mythologies and folklore to showcase a creative spin on the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, and how she saves the land from darkness. Okamiit’s the subject matter and its wolf protagonist are totally in line with the anime, and it’s thrilling to jump around as this graceful beast. However, Okamiit’s watercolor aesthetic and the emphasis on brushstrokes draws even more anime similarities.

9 Katamari Damacy looks like a raging gag anime that the player controls

Katamari Damacy Best Aged PS2 Games

There are so many fantastic video games with concepts or gameplay that could be considered too out of the box and therefore never receive proper localizations outside of Japan. It’s a blessing that the outrageously weird Katamari Damace managed to become a universal hit, especially since it feels a bit like the weird subplot of a surreal animated series. the look of Katamar definitely reminiscent of the anime, but so are its over-the-top characters and the game’s main goal of winding up as many people as possible.

8 Genshin Impact embraces Isekai Tropes to create the ultimate adventure

Xiangling from Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact only came out in 2020, but it’s already one of the biggest free-to-play gacha titles. Genshin Impact continue to refine its mechanics and rangebut it was very popular with the anime crowd since the game is basically an open-world riff on the isekai genre.

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The main character travels countless worlds to locate his missing brother, and it’s honestly surprising that Genshin Impact does not yet have a companion anime. The success of the game probably means it’s only a matter of time.

7 Jet Set Radio lives in extremes and does not censor itself

Radio Jet Set

Radio Jet Set makes waves when he debuted on Sega’s Dreamcast, and it’s still an artistic achievement in the game that has been difficult to replicate. Radio Jet Setit’s The immaculate cel-shaded look and fantastically varied soundtrack that accompanies the game worlds have received understandable praise. However, the game’s storyline that features the roller-skating graffiti artists as social justice superheroes against an over-the-top police force is exactly the kind of over-the-top premise that’s on display in the anime. It’s a unique game that truly blurs the lines between these two mediums.

6 Bayonetta Is The Dark Magical Girl Action Heroine Anime Needs

The first two entries of Bayonet the series represent pinnacle of the hack-and-slash action genre. Bayonet mixes so many disparate elements together and everything becomes so ridiculous that it should crumble under its own weight, but it all works somehow. Bayonetta is a powerful witch who uses her natural skills, wide array of firearms, and deadly hair to battle intimidating demons. Bayonet and its sequel creates satisfying action spectacles that are as fun to play as they are to watch. She even has her own magical girl transformation sequence.

5 Breath Of The Wild Turns The Legend Of Zelda Into An Addictive Adventure Anime

Link and Dinraal

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises, and it’s established as a legacy as prolific as Super Mario throughout its long run. Every new Zelda the game features radical new mechanics and reinventions, but the nintendo-switch breath of the wild features one of the franchise’s most extensive changes to date as the first open world Zelda experience.

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The world in breath of the wild is absolutely massive, and the player has an unprecedented level of freedom in how they approach this adventure. This world and Link’s abilities are very much like a shonen anime set in a fantasy world.

4 Dragon Quest XI Is Structured Like An Anime As It Tells Its Grand Saga

the dragon quest JRPG has increasingly found a unique voice for itself. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is one of the longest games in the series, and it feels like a shonen anime series that runs for hundreds of episodes. The humble story of rebirth and redemption is full of anime stereotypes and even contains comparable story structure. Dragon Quest XI looks like an anime because the author of the shonen, Akira Toriyama, is responsible for designing the game’s characters. However, Dragon Quest XI even incorporates a tournament arc into its storyline, and it doesn’t get much more anime than that.

3 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a chaotic action anime brought to life

metal gear revenge

Hideo Kojima is one of the most fascinating minds working in the gaming industry right now. All of his projects are solely representative of his specific interests, which include an abundance of anime. Solid metal gear reached quite extreme heights during its storyline, but the Raiden-focused spin-off, Metal Gear Rising: Revenge, honestly feels like a playable kinetic action anime. Raiden’s weapons of choice aren’t far removed from the ridiculous weapons wielded by anime heroes, and the game’s story that involves the Prime Minister’s security also comes across as an anime’s slant on a political thriller.

2 Persona 5 mixes the school with the supernatural for its anime-appropriate setting

Joker battles a monster in Persona 5

Atlus’ Character the series is strongly reminiscent of an anime series, and there have been several successful anime adaptations that speak to the quality of the the series translates to the medium. Characterit’s supernatural battles and everyday protagonists all fit into anime standards, but that’s personas 5 which seems to have the most overlap with the bracket clips. The game’s school setting is a common environment for conflict in animated series, and the whole Joker character feels like someone who could stand by Tuxedo Mask.

1 Dragon Ball FighterZ makes the player feel like the beloved Shonen heroes

There are dozens of dragonball video games that exist, and they have become a crucial mainstay of the franchise which has even introduced its own original characters. The most recent dragonball video games have been among the medium’s most satisfying entries. Dragon Ball Fighter Z remain a star and sets the new standard for dragonball upcoming fighting games. It doesn’t just honor the series’ long history in a satisfying way, but the gameplay is smooth and intuitive, while the cel-shaded art style makes Dragon Ball Fighter Z nearest one dragonball game has never visually resembled anime.

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