10 horror anime series that are bloodier than scary


If there’s one thing horror animes are best known for, it’s copious amounts of gore. But while some horror anime have used their blood and severed limbs to punctuate an already nightmarish story, others are little more than gorefests.

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This isn’t always a bad thing but, as a result, these horror animations aren’t as spooky as their creators intended. In fact, some never even prioritized a spooky audience to begin with, choosing instead to revel in their crimson rain.

DISCLAIMER: Graphic content will be discussed here.

ten Jujutsu Kaisen focused more on bloody action than fear

Itadori tears her heart out in Jujutsu Kaisen

In short, Jujutsu kaisen is the anime of the shonen battle against exorcists and demons. Yuji Itadori and his fellow wizards exorcise deadly curses not through prayer and rituals, but by defeating them in battle. Curses can respond in the same way, as they too have incredibly mastered Cursed Techniques that can overwhelm even the best wizards.

Despite its monsters that defy logic and the disturbing violence they are capable of committing, Jujutsu kaisen is more action-packed than terrifying. The anime uses tropes of horror and violence to challenge Itadori and his friends through cool fights. In fact, some characters are even fueled by blood, which makes the gore both necessary and badass.

9 Hellsing Ultimate has more of Schlock than horror

Alexander Anderson struggles to advance in Hellsing Ultimate

Since this is an unofficial sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel Dracula, Thinking that Ultimate Hellsing would be a gothic horror story is justified. Instead, this is an incredibly bloody and violent 10-part OVA series that focuses on Dracula (now known as horror-themed protagonist Alucard) living in the ’90s, where he fights an army of Nazi vampires.

The Hellsing Organization’s fight against Millennium is filled with gruesome deaths, but these are described in the language of an action movie. Alucard, Seras, and their allies kill Nazi vampires flawlessly, while the Major and his last battalion slaughter in the same way a villain intimidates heroes and the public.

8 Highschool Of The Dead Prioritized Excess Blood And Fan Service

Saeko leads high school survivors of the dead

High school of the dead is a zombie apocalypse, so the gore was not only expected but required. But unlike George A. Romero’s classics and other underrated zombie flicks he took inspiration from, the anime traded scares and scathing social commentary for cool zombie fights and shootouts that took place. ended with rains of bullets, blood and dismembered corpses.

Takashi and his group’s journey through undead Japan are even further removed from the horror. While there are notable scares and spooky scenes, High school of the dead was always meant to be a scorching schlock exercise.

7 The countless deaths of another were unintentionally funny

One student panics in another

In Another, a class of high school students are desperately trying to break a curse that has condemned them all to die one by one. Rather than scaring the public, Another ended up entertaining them through his deaths, which were either hilarious or so contrived (e.g. someone slipped their necks first into an umbrella) that they came close to self-parody.

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Another has been called the anime’s response to Final destination, and he earned his reputation. As if the already unpredictable and unpredictable deaths of Kouichi and Mei’s classmates weren’t enough, the high volumes of blood that exploded from their bodies looked like a punchline that only kept increasing. that of another accidental black comedy.

6 Gantz is an otherwise generic death game anime

Kuruno barely survived a fight in Gantz

As the manga wasn’t even half finished at the time of the animation, Gantz had to create a new story. Rather than turning into a cosmic horror, Kei Kuruno’s struggles simply focused on the gamified violence he was trapped in. Fundamentally, Gantz became little more than just another death game anime after diverging from its source material.

Even by the standards of other 2000s anime, by Gantz bloodshed and scares barely stood out compared to other brutal, high-mortality death games and horror anime. Additionally, the anime did not adapt the manga’s truly nightmarish arcs and monsters, further bolstering its status as a nihilistic action story instead of horrific sci-fi.

5 Blood-C has become a guilty pleasure thanks to his weird Gorefest

Saya shortly after a murder in the blood C

Blood c had a lot of problems, one of which was his horror or lack of it. Like its predecessors, this otherwise unnecessary anime reboot allowed Saya to battle ancient monsters, so blood and horror was expected. Unfortunately, the story of the anime was so confusing that it didn’t scare anyone, and the well-animated fights were little more than gorefests.

The worst part was that even without context, many of the kill and horror elements were just unintentionally hilarious. The biggest offenders were the tortured deaths of the Motoe Twins who inexplicably found a way to add fan service and the finale, where a sadistic monster bunny aptly named “Bunny” multiplied and devoured the town. native of Saya.

4 The goblin slayer’s violence gradually became a routine

The Goblin Slayer bleeds in Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a cross between dark fantasy and horror and, unsurprisingly, it has sparked tons of controversy. The anime notoriously opened up with the Goblins committing murder and visceral assaults, and they were only stopped when polarizing hero Goblin Slayer brutally murdered them. But after a while the horror and violence became obligatory.

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One of the most widespread criticisms against Goblin Slayer is that it failed to maintain its tension, seeing how it slowly morphed into a slightly darker but otherwise familiar fantasy anime instead of doubling down on what its pilot episode hinted at. As a result, the death scenes that followed seemed more superficial than terrifying.

3 Elfen Lied is known more for his gore than anything else

Lucy faces lab security at Elfen Lied

Elf lied is easily one (if not) the most controversial anime that aired in the 2000s, not least because of its gore and violence. Lucy started the anime by murdering most of the staff and security of a lab with her psychic powers, and things got worse from there. The point is, on-screen violence was more gratuitous than frightening.

Lucy and others have inflicted or been subjected to brutal killings and / or torture, most of which were trained to an almost voyeuristic degree. Rather than telling a poignant story about the dehumanization of life as a living superweapon, Elf lied so focused on violence that is all we remember these days.

2 Genocyber’s ultraviolence desensitizes more than it disturbs or shocks

Genocyber kills humanity in Genocyber

Anime from the late ’80s to early’ 90s were known to be ultra-violent, with sci-fi horror Genocyber being one of the most infamous poster children of this trend. Genocyber is a monstrous cyborg that resides in Elaine and every time she unleashes it, entire swathes of people and even entire countries are at risk of being sprayed into blood.

While it contains elements of both cyberpunk and horror anime, Genocyber didn’t bother to examine the blurred line between man and machine or explore the human condition in a mechanized world. Instead, he focused on some of the bloodiest massacres ever animated, which were so petty they only exhausted viewers.

1 Violence Jack doesn’t have much else to do beyond his gore and torture

Jack dominates his enemies in violence Jack

Arguably, Jack violence (which is in fact a sequence of Devilman crybaby) is the most controversial anime ever produced. In post-apocalyptic Japan, Violence Jack meets survivors, looters, and warlords, most of whom die horribly at the hands of Jack or someone else. While it certainly exceeded expectations in terms of gore, this OVA series had very little actual horror.

Jack violence can best be compared to a 70s ultraviolent exploitation B-movie, where the petty conspiracy it was there took precedence over gratuitous portrayals of murder, torture and worse. All attempts at horror were wasted amid the excess of violence since the only thing Jack and everyone had in mind was murder.

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