10 iconic animated series and their highest rated video game (according to IGN)


When the animated series perform exceptionally well, it is only natural that video games based on them start to appear, with the aim of capitalizing on fan interest as well as attracting new players who may not have. not be exposed otherwise. This is especially true for shows that fall under the shonen genre or have some form of a fighting system, as it’s easy to translate them into fighting game and RPG formats that fans are eager to get into.

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Long-term series such as Naruto, dragon ball and Yu Gi Oh ! there is no shortage of games to try out on a wide variety of consoles. However, only one of them can stand out as top rated for its particular series, and it’s always interesting to see which entry manages to stand out from all the rest.

ten Naruto: Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (8.6)

ultimate ninja 3 naruto

Of the dozens of games that exist for the Naruto franchise, the highest rated is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 3, sitting at 8.6 out of ten. Originally released for the Playstation 3, an upgraded version would later make its way into the PC and Steam markets.

It features a total of 80 absolutely stunning playable characters and a full story mode with epic boss battles, including the Nine-Tailed Fox itself. CyberConnect2, the developer, has apparently reached out to fans to ask them what they want from the game, and the decision to do so would help make it the best. Naruto game there.

9 Pokémon: generations one and two (10)

pokemon red and gold versions

Classics are hard to beat, and in Pokemon case, nothing else can compare to the first two generations. Both Red Blue and it’s special Yellow edition marks a ten out of ten alongside Gold and Silver.

These are by no means perfect games, as older games in particular are riddled with bugs and glitches. However, that’s the number of people who first saw the franchise, so it’s hard to compete with the childhood love that so many fans have for them.

8 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball FighterZ (8.5)

dragon ball fighter

Of its long range of games nothing can surpass Dragon Ball FighterZ from Dragon Ball. It has seen releases for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, making it incredibly accessible to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

The game has 43 playable characters, 19 of which were later released as DLC. The game is criticized for its lackluster online functionality, but its combat system, roster, visuals, story mode, and music are all highly regarded.

seven JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (8.5)

capcom game jojos bizarre adventure

JoJo’s bizarre adventure has a decent selection of video game titles under its belt, with Capcom’s fighting game of the same name taking the top spot. It was developed by the same team responsible for Street Fighter III series.

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It was originally released in 1998 for the CPS-3 arcade system, but then saw updated versions arrive on Playstation and Dreamcast, the most recent ports being the Playstation and Xbox online stores in 2012. The game the most unique of the fighter is certainly the Stand modes that the characters have access to, which completely change their combos and abilities.

6 Fullmetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (6.4)

fma broken angel game

Fullmetal Alchemist unfortunately suffers from a lack of games translated and released outside of Japan. One of the only games to be brought is Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel for the Playstation 2.

A major advantage for the game is its original gameplay story which was actually developed by the original manga creator, Hiromu Arakawa. Although it has had good sales in Japan, reviews are largely mixed, citing the disappointing graphics and gameplay.

5 Yu Gi Oh ! : Monsters of Dungeondice (8)

dungeon monsters yugioh

Yu Gi Oh ! is another franchise that offers a long list of games on different consoles for interested fans. Although they are not all well ranked, Dungeon monsters for the Gameboy Advance captured hearts with an eight out of ten.

There are three distinct divisions that players can fight in, with the combat difficulty increasing as you go. The game also features a total of nine original characters specially designed for this entry.

4 Attack on Titan: Attack on Titan (7.3)

attack on titan game

The attack of the Titans at has received a fair number of games, having first released much later than most other entries, which says a lot about the series’ overall popularity. Its most popular game was first a Playstation exclusive of the same name, then launches on Xbox One and PC.

The story of the game is more or less a faithful retelling of the first season of the anime, with a few additional character moments dotted around. Controlling the characters that move around and kill the Titans is obviously the biggest draw.

3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (8)

pirate warriors 4 one piece

As a rule of thumb, with long-running series that have more than a few video game titles under their belt, they tend to decrease their critical score over time. This may be due to fan nostalgia leading them to prefer older titles, or a genuine lack of new content in newer titles.

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Impressive, One Piece 4 Pirate Warriors launched in 2020 for Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is the highest rated game in the eight-party series. It has a completely original story and features four new multiplayer modes, and the graphics are pretty cool.

2 Bleach: Blade of Doom (8.5)

blade of fate bleach

bleach Surprisingly top rated game is for the Nintendo DS, titled The Blade of Doom. It was first released in Japan in early 2006, arriving in the United States almost two years later in late 2007, and eventually saw a European and Australian release in 2008.

Its core gameplay features two- or four-player matches, with stages featuring two planes that players can jump between. Its graphics are lovely for the time, and IGN actually rated it as the best fighting game of 2007.

1 My Hero Academia: My Hero’s Justice (7)

justice my hero

Although this is a more recent arrival, My hero university released a few video games for this, which makes sense given the nature of the show. The characters are flashy with fun and dynamic powers, and The justice of my hero delivers pretty well.

Players can play as a variety of heroes and villains, with a total of 23 playable characters. An interesting feature of the game’s story mode is that it is actually split between a hero storyline and a villain storyline instead of the usual anime game formula of strictly following the plot from the protagonist’s point of view. .

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