10 Platinum End Anime Series Fans Will Enjoy


End Platinum is the new manga / anime franchise from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, a battle royale story with a divine theme. Instead of the main characters using scavenged weapons or video game skills, the heroes all use the heavenly power of angels. Whoever wins this fight will likely become the next God and control the entire universe.

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Only thirteen humans can be chosen for this divine battle, and the leader, Mirai Kakehashi, is a pacifist who aspires to live an ordinary and happy life, but must also protect her good friend Saki from other candidates for God or die trying. This exciting new animated series should also remind fans of similar animated series, which are always worth watching if they haven’t already been.

ten Death Note is from the same creators

light yagami - death threat

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata may be best known for creating the psychological thriller series Death threat, a gripping crime thriller about the world’s best sleuth, L, chasing Kira, the self-proclaimed savior of the world. The hero, Light Yagami, wanted to save the world but became the avatar of corruption and evil.

Death threat and End Platinum share more than their creators. These series also emphasize the delicate tactics and price tag of becoming an all-powerful being, and the main characters also have supernatural and winged allies who grant them special powers.

9 BTOOOM! is an explosive battle royale

BTOOOM! is an animated battle royale series that fits most of the archetypes in this subgenre, from a deadly battle for all overseen by cruel gamemasters to an isolated arena in which to fight. In this case, it is an isolated island accessible only by plane or helicopter.

The hero is recluse gamer Ryota Sakamoto, who played an explosion-based video game before ending up playing the real-life, deadly version on this island. He and his few allies must fight to survive, and they only have their wits, their bags of explosives, and each other.

8 Sword Art Online started as a battle for survival

Kirito saves Asuna

The successful series Sword art online is considered an isekai animated series since the first major story arc traps everyone in the game world with little hope of escaping, although later story arcs aren’t quite like that. In other ways, this series is almost like a battle royale just like End Platinum.

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During the Aincrad Arc, players were supposed to cooperate and form guilds to complete quests, but some players went solo, like the hero Kirito, and some formed teams to attack and kill other players. On time, Sword art online had themes of survival and “every man for himself”.

7 No game, no life is a smart strategy adventure

Sora and Shiro play a game in No Game, No Life

No game, no life is a colorful and exciting isekai animated series starring the brother / sister duo known as Blank, and together Shiro and Sora can take on any challenge in any game and win. They were totally locked up for a while, but that all changed when their isekai adventure began.

Sora and Shiro have found themselves in a world where games have replaced war and violence, and they must survive all kinds of clever and clever challenges to survive and make a name for themselves. It’s not much different from the delicate and deadly battles found in End Platinum.

6 Black Lagoon is a deadly criminal adventure

In broad outline, the animated series action-seinen Black lagoon can remind fans End Platinum and other battle royale series, except Black lagoon isn’t that closely tied to battle royale conventions. The similarity is that this series features characters that make it up as it goes, across a wide field of potential allies or enemies.

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In the criminal world of Southeast Asia, mostly in Roanapur, it’s almost like a battle royale every day as criminals, corrupt cops, bounty hunters and smugglers team up, betray each other or stand alone. And more than once, Rock and his allies have had to be smart and plan ahead to survive this difficult lifestyle.

5 Dr. Stone is a high IQ adventure of caveman proportions


Fans of End Platinum and Death threat are probably in the mood for the Battle Royale anime series or high IQ adventures, and the hit series shonen Dr Pierre does the trick. This isekai series doesn’t have much in the way of battle royale, but its brilliant science is on par with anything Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata can come up with.

In Dr Pierre, genius student Senku Ishigami must reinvent humanity one invention and one chemistry experiment at the same time and prepare elaborate and clever plans to take down his enemies without killing them. He is on the verge of building the realm of science, and unlike Light Yagami, he will truly save the human race one day.

4 Golden Kamuy is a kind of Battle Royale Seinen

Anime Golden Kamuy Asirpa Sugimoto Horizon

Kamuy d’or is a comedic but also bloody and gritty seinen action series set in the 1900s, shortly after the 1905 war between Japan and the Russian Empire. The hero is the “immortal” Sugimoto, a soldier who soon discovers an incredible treasure hidden somewhere in Hokkaido.

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Many other parties are also looking for this treasure, and their best lead is a map tattooed on the bodies of several different prisoners. Sugimoto and his friends must face betrayals, traps, clever schemes and shootouts in the snowy forests of Hokkaido to win the award, making the series a more grounded game. End Platinum.

3 Future Diary also features a Battle Royale For God status


Diary of the future is known for his yandere character Yuno Gasai and his extreme attachment to Yukiteru, but that’s not all. This animated series centers around a battle royale over who can become the next god of space and time.

This should be enough for End Platinum fans to enjoy, and what’s more, Diary of the future also contains mind-blowing elements of future predictions, hence its name. Some characters know what will happen long before it actually happens.

2 Juni Taisen has a Zodiac Battle Royale story

Juni taisen

Juni Taisen is another battle royale series, but this time the contestants enter the game knowing exactly what they’re for. They aren’t hapless rookies like Mirai Kakehashi or Ryota Sakamoto. Instead, the main fighters are all seasoned mercenaries, and they all want to win and claim the prize – to get a wish granted.

The fighters are all based on the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, and they have corresponding physical attributes. They can also harvest crystals from other fighters, which is similar to how End Platinum characters can claim each other’s arrows or wings.

1 The Fate series is a popular battle royale

Fate zero

The popular Fate the series has several frenzy-worthy entries, such as Fate zero and Destiny / Stay the night, which usually involves an exciting battle royale between several competitors and their champions, famous fighters and wizards from all over the history of the world. The prize is having one wish come true, but winning this particular tournament isn’t easy.

A female version of King Arthur named Saber is iconic in this series, and she is known for her chivalrous personality and invisible sword. The other warriors in this contest come from all manner of mythologies, from European folk tales to Mesopotamia and beyond.

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