10 short anime series that hang around


Anime series differ not only in genre, theme, and demographics, but also in length, ranging from standalone shorts to massive epics with thousands of episodes. And while many fans enthusiastically engage in endless, long-running battle shonen, following the adventures of their favorite heroes for decades, short anime is, by far, the most popular category of shows. popular and most accessible. A shorter format allows these series to tell a gripping, self-contained story that leaves audiences with a satisfying sense of closure.

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A show with only a dozen episodes usually goes by lightning fast, perfect for a lazy weekend. Still, some short series end up feeling tedious, boring, and nearly impossible to complete, even with below-average episode counts. Even a single episode feels like an eternity with these short anime shows.

ten Dagashi Kashi feels like a glorified advertisement for a candy brand

Learning about the customs of different cultures can be an exhilarating educational experience, especially when paired with entertainment. Countless anime series have successfully incorporated niche cultural topics into their narratives without making the story boring or incomprehensible.

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Unfortunately, Dagashi Kashi, a slice of life of a family-owned store selling traditional Japanese sweets, had little to do outside of the promised interior in Japan’s confectionery culture. While this 12-episode show could be a fun ride for any foodie, it would feel like a drag on anyone not completely invested in their niche subject matter.

9 An Inventive Gadget Couldn’t Save a Centaur’s Life From Being Boring

A solid gimmick can be a solid foundation for an exciting streak. Still, it may become its downfall if the show doesn’t expand beyond its original original premise. This was precisely the case for The life of a centaura short and charming slice of life about Himeno, a centaur girl attending a school for supernatural beings.

While the idea of ​​a school populated by various mythological beings sounds fun on paper, the show has done nothing to explore its nuances, filling the story with boring, one-dimensional characters. Therefore, The life of a centaur short termfelt dull instead of magical.

8 ACCA: 13th Land Inspection Department is defining style over substance

Sleek, slow-burn series can be just as captivating as the anime industry’s most over-the-top action shows. If the show creates the right mood through clever environmental design and atmosphere, it doesn’t need constant twists and turns and life-or-death battles to hold the audience’s attention.

However, focusing too much on aesthetics can take the narrative in a completely different direction, as in the case of ACCA: 13th Territorial Inspection Department. This single-court detective series struggles to keep viewers’ attention on the mystery, being too caught up in meaningless conversations and pretty but unnecessary design elements.

seven Makura No Danshi does not offer any promised comfort and relaxation to the public

Despite only 12 episodes, each lasting only 4 minutes, Makura no Danshi not only manages to bore his audience to death, but also leaves them feeling unhinged and uncomfortable. POV shows are a unique subcategory that treats the viewer like another character, which works in video games but usually results in a lot of awkward silence and weird moments on TV.

The imaginary scenarios become even scarier when the audience is expected to interact with a cast of potential love interests, portrayed as cute anime boys who will stare eerily at the viewer in deafening silence, waiting to hear about their day.

6 Isekai Cheat Magician is a dull and useless power fantasy

The current landscape of the anime industry is overstated with various isekai series, ranging from your classic magical action adventures to some pretty inventive genre deconstructions. Unfortunately, most isekai shows don’t introduce any unique concept to the genre, continuing to reuse tiresome cliches with imperceptible variations.

Isekai Cheat Magician released in 2019, at the height of isekai’s popularity, and immediately established itself as one of the least original series in an already stereotypical genre. This mind-numbing power fantasy is unable to intrigue even die-hard fans of isekai tropes.

5 GLASSLIP proves that over-the-top melodrama isn’t enough to make a show interesting

Despite being an incredibly mediocre supernatural romance, GLASS BLOCK left a substantial impact on the anime community by infuriating fans with its dreadful pacing and over-the-top love drama. On paper, this PA Works series had a lot of potential for romance fans, mixing supernatural elements with a down-to-earth slice of life about budding glass and school friends.

Unfortunately, GLASS BLOCK failed to deliver any of the aforementioned story points, drowning its slice-of-life appeal in endless, unnecessary drama and negating any intrigue over its fantasy elements with an unbearably slow pace.

4 Recorder and Randsell illustrate why anime studios are reluctant to adapt 4-Koma Manga

The anime based on the 4-Koma manga doesn’t have a lot of well-developed source material to work with, making them difficult to run without substantial narrative changes. Recorder and Randsell, a wholesome slice-of-life comedy about an 11-year-old boy who looks like an adult and his 17-year-old sister who looks like an elementary school girl, didn’t adapt its screen story accordingly .

Once the initial absurdity of the Atsushi siblings’ predicament wears off, audiences are left with a painfully boring and repetitive spectacle. Although it is a fast watch, it still drags far longer than necessary.

3 My First Girlfriend Is A Gal’s Romance is irritably unrealistic

The romantic anime genre has a lot of unoriginal slow burns, which can take countless seasons to bring together their protagonists. Unlike most frustrating “will they, won’t they” sitcoms, My first girlfriend is a girl The relationship between his couple, a hopeless loser Junichi and a popular gyaru Yukana, rapidly progresses.

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Sadly, romance wasn’t enough to bring out this superficial, borderline offensive comedy. My first girlfriend is a girl combines the frustrating trope of countless gorgeous girls vying for the heart of an unwanted creep with a predictable plot, deplorable humor, and one-dimensional characters.

2 Slow start is aptly named

Despite its niche appeal, “cute girls doing cute things” has become a distinctive anime genre, with many slice-of-life classics executing this simple premise brilliantly. Unfortunately, this category of shows is not lacking in superficial, unoriginal and lifeless examples, with Slow start being one of the series that fails to revolutionize the genre.

This cute school comedy stays true to its name and takes a while to grow with audiences. Unfortunately, with only 12 episodes in the title, it never gets to the point where the on-screen events get even slightly interesting.

1 Windy Tales rewards audience patience

While most people perceive “boring” as synonymous with “bad” when it comes to entertainment, some short anime series deliberately take their time, using the icy pace of the narrative to immerse the viewer in the world of the series.

windy tales is an experimental slice-of-life iyashikei that invites audiences into a bizarre world of distant Digital Camera Club members, flying cats, and the mysterious flow of wind, bringing various unorthodox anecdotes to life. This series’ unique art style and slow pace make it difficult to navigate, but the patient, unhurried narrative of windy tales makes the commitment valid.

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