10 Visually Stunning Animated Movies With Incredible Animation


People keep coming back anime because it is a medium where everything seems possible. Hundreds of new anime series hit TV every year, which can be a daunting experience to keep up with and figure out what’s worth the time investment. Alternatively, animated features can deliver more self-contained stories in a fraction of the time and often with a larger budget to bring their worlds to life.

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the animated films that touch the public are generally among the medium’s greatest triumphs. That being said, there are many different factors that lead to the success of an animated film, such as a captivating story and characters, or visuals that are stunning. There are absolutely eye-opening cinematic animated experiences that present amazing animation it has to be seen to be believed.

ten Promare unleashes fantastic fights that elevate its action

galo thymos de promare

Studio TRIGGER has built a prolific reputation in the anime industry, and audiences equate the animation studio with stunning visual spectacles. TRIGGER has established a solid list of anime series, but Promare mark their first feature film and it does not disappoint. The kinetic action film transforms firefighter-like individuals into superheroes as a deadly race of flammable renegades threatens society. Promare’s the characters sometimes get lost in stereotypes, but the animation never lets up. A unique color palette, creative uses of fire effects, and endless action sequences that never slow down fill every frame. Promare’s ambitious animation is almost exhausting because of how hard it works.

9 Belle’s virtual world is a visual extravaganza like no other

Belle sings in Belle by Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda is one of the biggest names in animated feature films. Hosoda’s works, while diverse, address similar themes and he is a storyteller who enjoys using digital worlds and artifice to deconstruct identity. The majority of Hosoda’s works that visit fantasy worlds, such as summer wars and The Boy and the Beast, would be appropriate inclusions here. However, Hosoda’s most recent film, Beautiful, might be his greatest visual achievement. Beautiful is a clever subversion of the The beauty and the Beast narrative, except in the digital age of avatars. by beautiful first trip to its virtual world, U, is stunning in its meticulous attention to detail.

8 Paprika is a surreal journey to the center of the psyche

Anime Paprika Surreal Parade

Satoshi Kon is a real anime author and all his movies – Perfect Blue, Millennial Actress, Tokyo Godfathers — are revered as classics. Paprika is unfortunately Kon’s fourth and final film, but it also acts as a superlative highlight of the many themes that occupy his stories.

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Paprika is like a anime Creationbut before Creationas he explores a futuristic world where the wayward technology that allows individuals to see and enter the dreams of others falls into the wrong hands. Paprika is full of illuminating conversations and a prescient message, but its depiction of its various dreamworlds is truly a sight to behold. This is Creationbut with an even more Lynchier vibe.

7 Children Of The Sea presents the depth of aquatic worlds with infinite grace

Water can be one of the most difficult elements to animate, but when done correctly, it’s unlike anything else. Studio 4°C creates a puzzling work of art in children of the seaa moody-toned poem about grief and the pursuit of freedom. children of the sea often resembles an impressionist painting and there are so many works on display that it takes multiple viewings to fully appreciate. There are a lot of anime that are style cases on substance and although children of the sea the visuals are definitely its most impressive element, the story it tells always connects and feels important.

6 Lu Over The Wall celebrates life and creativity with endless displays of joy

Masaaki Yuasa is someone who always thinks outside the box and each of his anime series and movies are real glasses where it’s like a sin to blink and miss a single frame. read on the wall is the perfect mix of innocence, fantasy and music as a boy befriends a strange mermaid who loves to sing. read on the wall also has a lot in common with Yuasa’s follow-up film, Ride your wave, but Lu’s heightened nature and the constant dread she feels when looking at the world make Read the most artistically impressive film.

5 Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki at his most visually playful

Chihiro leaving the public baths

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have achieved legendary status in the anime industry and it’s almost as if Ghibli has become its own kind and high quality brand. As a result, all of Miyazaki’s films are narrative and visually complex and obligatory.

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Taken away as if by magic has gradually become the most popular image of Miyazaki and it is certainly the busiest in the visual sense. Taken away as if by magic bombards the audience with various demons and spirits, which feels like the standard Ghibli experience, but taken to the extreme.

4 Akira is a timeless classic that still can’t be topped.

Tetsuo becomes a monster in Akira

by Katsuhiro Otomo Akira is a totemic animated piece that is still considered by many to be one of the greatest animated films of all time. Akira features a timely dystopian story where corruption and body horror reign supreme. Akira is 80s, but there’s such a precise effort put into the film’s hand-drawn animation that’s just not possible in the industry today. Akira remains such a triumph of animation that there are still hidden details and additional nuances that fans are only now discovering – more than three decades after its release.

3 Redline is a White-Knuckle race filled with flair

Fast-paced races are naturally filled with exciting visuals, but animated races have an even higher level of control and the ability to raise the stakes. Red line focuses on a dangerous intergalactic race which contains a tempting prize and deadly competitors. Red line features a wide range of racers and vehicles evoking the best moments of The ghost race podracing, but even more ridiculous. Red lines the plot and art provide a non-stop adrenaline rush that’s stunning until the moment the finish line is crossed.

2 Mind Game endlessly morphs into this extreme anime experience

There are excellent anime anthology moviesmany of which combine the efforts of various visionary storytellers to create thematic masterpieces. Memories, Carnival of Robots, and The facilitator are all great anime anthologies, but there’s such unpredictable and playful chaos that comes out of them Psychological game. The experimental anthology exercise tells a continuous story that visits increasingly incredible places, but its visual style continually transforms as different storytellers take over. Masaaki Yuasa is behind this ambitious project and the energy he draws is unique. Experimental projects like this are necessary for the medium to continue to evolve.

1 Demon Slayer: The Movie: Mugen Train Sets A New Standard For Shonen Movies

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most popular shonen anime series of the decade, but its first foray into a feature film broke box office records in Japan and catapulted the franchise to unprecedented success. Ufotable is responsible for the gorgeous and stylish aesthetic that comes with Demon Slayer intense sword fights. Train Mugen presents a condensed history which largely revolves around an over-the-top confrontation with a dream-invading demon. Mugen train the visuals are pure art and this is a film that deserves all the praise it has received.

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