10 Worst Anime Series With Only One Redemptive Quality


AnimatedIt’s a vast medium full of numerous titles, many of which are held in high regard for their stories, settings, animations, and characters. Unfortunately, not all anime are winners, and for every series that becomes a favorite or classic, there are just as many that fall flat on their stomachs, if not more.

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Fortunately, all is not bleak for all bad anime, as even some of the worst shows can have at least one redeeming quality that makes them watchable or even entertaining. They might not be that good regardless, but it’s better than being a complete wreck.

10/10 Saito’s sacrifice in The Familiar Of Zero is really well done

Saito prepares to fight the Rebellion, Familiar of Zero

Zero’s Familiar is not an anime best known for its quality. A fantasy story driven by harem/comedy cliches and unlikable characters, this can be a frustrating watch at times. However, it’s not completely devoid of emotional and tense moments, like when Saito took on an entire army alone.

The fight itself is well fought and the atmosphere remains heavy as Saito sacrifices himself for Louise and fights an unwinnable battle, slowly succumbing to his wounds. It’s as action-packed as it is heartbreaking, and it’s a scene that stands out thanks to how different it is from the rest of this anime’s usual fare.

Guri from Love Tyrant

Despite its goofy tone and quirky characters, tyrant of love tries to be a unique romantic comedy that parodies other anime like Death threat while addressing the many definitions of “love”. However, it is held back by problematic characters and boring episodic stories. However, its main voice actress, Guri, saves the series.

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Energetic yet lazy, BL-obsessed Guri’s goofy personality and supernatural shenanigans take full advantage of the comedic tone the anime was going for. As a result, Guri ends up being a hilarious and likeable character who rebounds pretty well on almost everyone in the cast.

8/10 Sword Art Online has its issues, but the animation is amazing

Kirito activates his full power in Sword Art Online Alicization

It cannot be denied that Sword Art Online has made its mark in the anime world, though the question of its quality can be rather divisive among viewers. Often ridiculed for its overpowered protagonist, its lack of character and story depth, and tropes he would go on to popularizeit has its fair share of problems.

If there is one thing that ODS had for her, that would be her animation. ODSThe visual presentation of gives life to his universe. This visual splendor has only gotten better with each new installment, especially during its high-octane battles where swords clash from every angle.

7/10 Fighting Foodons is a Pokémon scam that’s full of interesting creatures

Battle foodons (1)

Everything popular ends up having imitators.and Pokemon would continue to have many. Such Pokemon-clone was Fight the Foodons, an anime where chefs brought their food to life to battle against each other. It was an outlandish take on culinary battles, but it wasn’t unique enough to be considered anything more than a knockoff.

Fight the Foodons just couldn’t get by Pokemon‘s shadow and finally disappeared into darkness. However, the designs of the Foodons themselves are phenomenal. From mythical beasts to super sentai characters, the creative ideas and inspirations behind these living recipes were interesting, to say the least.

6/10 Norman’s return was welcomed in season 2 of The Promised Neverland

Norman Promised Neverland

Season 1 of The promised never-never land saw the children of Grace Field daringly try to escape from the grim orphanage, but not everyone succeeded. Unfortunately, the young prodigy Norman was dispatched before the rest of the children could organize their escape. It was a heavy loss and a blow to Emma and Ray.

Unfortunately, the second season ended up being a huge downgrade from the first as its story was rushed, resulting in poor pacing and entire arcs cut from the story. But the heartfelt reunion between Norman and the rest of his family was the only silver lining to a season that marked an unflattering end to this series.

5/10 Marvel Disk Wars is Marvel with a Coat of Anime Paint

Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers Iron Man Wasp Hulk Thor and Captain America in anime form.

wonder did foray into anime more than once, with more or less success. One of the strangers was Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. He saw “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” trapped in discs and teaming up with children, who send them out to prevent more discs from falling into the wrong hands.

It’s a strange combination of superheroes with a Digimon-like formula that doesn’t always gel together. While it may not be the deepest or best crafted Marvel anime out there, seeing all of these familiar faces get a makeover can be worth it.

4/10 Record Of Ragnarök Had A Great Concept That Was Poorly Executed

There have been plenty of fighting tournament anime over the years, full of unique fighters and intense battles. Unfortunately, Recording of Ragnarök is not one. With unappealing characters, a missing story, and animation that can’t keep up with its intense fight scenes, this man versus god tournament is anything but a knockout.

Its premise is admittedly really cool, with the strongest humans in history teaming up to fight the gods of various myths and legends for mankind’s survival. The interpretations of these deities are also quite unique. The series could have been amazing if it wasn’t. waste such an interesting idea.

3/10 At least Dragon Ball GT had Super Saiyan 4

anime super saiyan 4

dragonball has had its ups and downs as a franchise. Whereas Z has become a household name and Great took it to the next level, Dragon Ball GT didn’t fare so well. Making Goku a kid again and trying to get back to the basics of the original series felt like a step backwards from what Z brought to the table before.

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Whereas GT does its best to reproduce ZAs it was successful, it just wasn’t the same. However, one good thing to come out of this entry was Super Saiyan 4. Viewers got to see Goku, Vegeta, and even their fusion, Gogeta, transform into an exciting version of the franchise’s popular shapeshifter.

2/10 Bad karma came back to bite Makoto at school

Makoto dying at school

There are a lot of well-written romance anime out there, but school days is not one. With a badly written story and a shamelessly gruesome protagonist in Makoto Itou, this romantic high school anime can be a real work to do. However, those who hoped that karma would return and bite Makoto might be happy to know that eventually it did.

After all of his cheating and gaslighting, Sekai finally snaps and ends Makoto’s life near the end of the series. It’s admittedly pretty brutal, but it’s hard to feel bad for Makoto since he really brought it on himself. That doesn’t make the rest of the anime any good, but at least Makoto’s actions had consequences.

1/10 Ex-Arm’s failure on all fronts might actually be its redeeming quality

EX-ARM Anime

With an almost non-existent story, dull characters, and a horribly ugly CGI animation, Ex-Arm is a truly infamous anime. Failing on just about every front, this anime is virtually unassailable, and it’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the worst anime ever made. However, its horror makes the anime interesting to watch.

Ex-Arm being such a spectacular type of failure makes it truly hilarious to watch, especially with friends to riff it off. That doesn’t make this anime good by any means, but at least viewers can laugh about it and enjoy how bad it is.

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