[ad_1] Throughout its nearly 30-year history, Magic: the Gathering has not been immune to controversy. Recently, the Universes Beyond cards and the heavily bogged down 30th Anniversary Edition drew the ire of the community. Prior to this, players had been arguing over the reserved roster for decades! Given how muchRead More →

[ad_1] “Metropolis” is a somewhat unusual film in that it’s loosely based on Osamu Tezuka’s novel of the same name, which was loosely inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 film of the same name. Tezuka’s manga is technically not based on the source material, and he only did used a stillRead More →

[ad_1] Anime is a brilliant medium of cinema that continues to evolve and become increasingly popular around the world with the arrival of streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation and Netflix’s ever-expanding anime library. Anime in general spans countless titles, genres, and rich art styles. As many of us know,Read More →

[ad_1] Satoshi Kon, best known to American audiences for “Perfect Blue” only completed four films before his tragic death at the age of 46. His only other project is arguably his opus: the 12-episode 2004 anime “Paranoia Agent.” Told mostly through a series of loosely connected vignettes, “Paranoia Agent” beginsRead More →

[ad_1] The Playstation 2 was released in 2000, and at the same time anime in North America had become even more popular. Iconic series like Sailor Moon, Pokemonand Dragon Ball Z paved the way for more series to be officially licensed and transferred to the West. Many different series otherRead More →

[ad_1] With the arrival of anime in popular culture, many series and games from Japan have been transferred to North America. Games based on series like naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleachand others have had their games officially licensed and distributed to locations outside of Japan for English-speaking fans to enjoy.Read More →

[ad_1] Anime is an art form that has been around in entertainment since the 20th century, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that it found mainstream success with American audiences. Generally adapted from Japanese manga series, the anime offers an almost endless variety of captivating stories for fans to followRead More →

[ad_1] anime shonen fans have a fantastic selection of video games to play reminiscent of their favorite genre. Although there are many anime-style video games such as Code Veinand game adaptations of popular anime shows such as demon slayerthere are a ton of brilliant video games out there that don’tRead More →

[ad_1] Anime has been breaking down the gates of the global stage over the past two decades, rightfully earning its place as an entertainment powerhouse and captivating millions of viewers around the world. Anime movies hitting theaters outside of Japan have become the norm, and otaku everywhere couldn’t be happier.Read More →

[ad_1] Roblox is a popular game creation platform where gamers create various games for other gamers. Since it is an extremely popular platform, the creators have merged it with another popular medium – anime. The bottom line is that there are tons of great anime games you can play onRead More →

[ad_1] Anime’s popularity has exploded in the West in recent years, with streaming services like Crunchyroll and Netflix having helped introduce viewers to some of the many hidden gems the medium has to offer. This also includes classic anime series, many of which have never been shown in the WestRead More →

[ad_1] Luck and timing can make or break a anime success and popularity. No matter how well made it was or how popular its source material was, some anime felt like flops based purely on first impressions. Fortunately, these negative assumptions have proven to be unfounded and wrong in theRead More →

[ad_1] Seinen manga and anime have always been aimed at adult males, with seinen enjoying more creative freedom and fewer restrictions on properly presenting mature themes than other genres like shonen. Seinen anime doesn’t always have to embrace violence and gore, as adult themes can also be more psychologically andRead More →