3 Classic Anime Series Everyone Should Watch


Anime Series Posters: (L to R) Princess Tutu, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Sara.


Anime Series Posters: (L to R) Princess Tutu, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Sara.

Growing up, it was hard to distinguish between anime and cartoons, but once I started following the former, I realized that the style, stories, and overall vibe were markedly different. . For many, anime is simply not an art form, but an unprecedented means of escape.

Here are 3 classic anime series that changed my life forever.

princess tutu

It was my very first animated series, a fairy tale set in modern times. Each character had their own importance and aura – but above all, Princess Tutu’s bravery and innocence made her simply adorable.

Despite many obstacles, she continued on her journey to find all of Prince Mytho’s missing pieces, because she loved him with all her heart.

Without getting into spoiler territory, the story did indeed end on a happy note, but each character had to fight their own battle to give the story its well-deserved ending.

Sakura card sensor

Sakura, a high school girl, accidentally pulls out a set of magic cards known as Clow Cards from a book in her basement.

As she finds each card, she battles her magical personification and defeats it by sealing it. Along her journey, she meets many fascinating characters who have helped her and sometimes even created difficulties for her as she captured each of the cards.

Each of the episodes presented a new challenge for her, and each time the audience held their breath in excitement at how she would finally achieve victory.

Also, the way her friends supported her throughout her journey was inspiring to say the least. It made me personally realize that life can throw the most unexpected surprises at you, but it will also guide you through it.

Princess Sarah

The story follows Sara Crewe, the daughter of an extremely wealthy man who runs a diamond mine in British-ruled India, but later dies and goes bankrupt.

The protagonist must then live to be a poor orphan. Sara used to attend a girls’ seminary boarding school in London, where she excelled in her studies and was deeply loved, due to her kindness by everyone.

The headmistress of the school, Miss Minchin, antagonizes her, taking advantage of her situation and making her an unpaid maid at the school.

Hardships can’t change Sara’s good heart though, and the Ark of Redemption is exponentially sweeter because of it. It is a lesson in life, love and hope.

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