5 Animated Movies Taurus Will Love (And 5 They’ll Hate)


Overshadowed as it might be by its television counterparts, the anime industry still produces its fair share of movies per year. Some are even created by companies other than Studio Ghibli. Whether they’re continuations of pre-existing franchises or entirely new properties, animated movies span a wide range of genres, and it can be hard to know what to watch.

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Falling under the earth element of the zodiac, a Taurus tends to be practical, hard-working, logical, anti-authority, and determined. They also understand the importance of rest and detachment. When it comes to entertainment, Taurus appreciate a strong narrative, a sense of mystery, and a lighthearted tone. Movies are meant to be relaxing and an escape from reality.

Here are five anime movies a Taurus should love, as well as five they might hate.

ten Love: Case Closed: The Ghost of Baker Street

Released in 2002, The Ghost of Baker Street is just one tale in a long-running franchise with over 900 episodes and 23 movies released. Case closed is a massive property that seems tailor-made for Taurus, as it features well-written crime investigations that are solved through logical reasoning.

Due to its episodic nature, The Ghost of Baker Street can be considered a standalone murder mystery, which sees the heroes visit multiple virtual worlds. It’s entertaining, moves at a fast pace, and keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

9 Hate: The Garden of Sinners Chapter 1: Panoramic View

On paper, a film series centered around a detective agency that investigates supernatural cases may seem perfect for the sign of Taurus; yet, The garden of sinnersThe dark tone, nonlinear structure, and philosophical musings set it apart from other anime.

The garden of sinners reached stunning heights in the second half of his eight-movie run, but Overlooking view is one of the weaker entries, especially on a first viewing. Drop the audience in the middle of a story without any character set-up, Overlooking view is unsatisfying and does not present a particularly gripping storyline. The Bulls will pass long before reaching the best entries in the series.

8 Love: Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro

Brimming with imagination, memorable characters, stunning animations, and gripping storytelling, all of Hayao Miyazaki’s films are destined to strike a positive chord with Taurus (or anyone, for that matter). Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro may not be Miyazaki’s definitive project, but it represents the director in his most conventional and accessible form.

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After stealing counterfeit notes, Lupine and Daisuke Jigen are drawn into a splendid, intrigue-filled adventure as they seek to uncover the origin of counterfeit money.

seven Hates: Tomb of the Fireflies

the Grave of the Fireflies is a masterpiece that most people can only see once in their lifetime. Stripped of Studio Ghibli’s famous whimsy and childlike wonder, the Grave of the Fireflies is a sobering film about two children trying to survive alone during World War II.

Don’t trust the animation, the Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most realistic war films of all time. There is no heroism, great battles or catchy speeches; just two kids who are in over their heads and lost in the noise. the Grave of the Fireflies isn’t meant to be enjoyed, but Taurus will hate spending their free time watching something so upsetting.

6 love: your name

Upon its release, your name received universal acclaim and was even dubbed by some the best animated film of all time. Naturally, this claim is debatable, but Makoto Shinkai’s beautiful film about two teenagers who swap bodies is something special. Taurus will love the comedic tone of the opening hour, the light-hearted mystery elements regarding the central premise, and the budding friendship between the two leads.

Once a plot twist occurs midway through the story, your name becomes an epic tale that provides excitement, action, and intense drama.

5 Hatred: Neo Tokyo

A 50-minute anthology film, Neo Tokyo features three shorts from prominent anime directors and generally deals with sci-fi and dystopian themes. While all the films have their strengths and boast jaw-dropping artistry, none of them are likely to hold Taurus interest.

With the exception of the final short, “Construction Cancellation Order”, Neo Tokyo is mostly about the visuals rather than its narratives. The stories themselves are cynical and detached from logic, again with the exception of the final short.

4 Love: The Stranger’s Sword

Released in 2007 and animated by studio Bones, The Stranger’s Sword has action, ambiguous stories and a cool swordsman who stands up to the Ming Dynasty. A boy, Kotaro, and his dog are chased by Chinese Dynasty Hunters for a reason that isn’t revealed until much later in the film. Kotaro eventually meets Nanashi, a ronin who agrees to escort the boy to the Mangaku Temple.

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With multiple vicious and fantastic fight scenes, The Stranger’s SwordThe story is well written and compelling.

3 Dislikes: Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

A free adaptation by Junji Ito Gyō, Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack is essentially a horror b-movie. In a cabin, three friends smell a revolting odor and are greeted by the head of a shark smashing through the window. From there, things just get weirder and weirder.

There’s plenty to have fun with Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack, but anyone expecting a degree of logic or a well-written narrative will be disappointed. Taurus are more likely to be annoyed than entertained by the anime’s grotesque monsters, which don’t do Ito’s source material justice.

2 Love: The Hana and Alice Affair

When Alice enters a new school, she is assigned an office believed to be haunted by an evil spirit. Initially, this story appears to be the product of a wild imagination and an excuse for a class to engage in mass bullying, but Alice and her neighbor Hana think it might be related to a student named Kotaro Yuda.

The case of Hana and Alice blends charming characters with a fun story. The “case” is mostly used as a catalyst to explore the titular characters, though the mystery is still quite interesting. Taurus should especially love Alice, who proves to be rather unstoppable when she makes up her mind on something.

1 Hate: Belladonna of sadness

Released in 1973, belladonna of sadness is completely detached from reality, at least when it comes to its psychedelic and unique animation. When Jeanne is assaulted on her wedding night, she makes a deal with a demonic entity in hopes of revenge. From his artistic style of painting to his intense displays of physical and sexual violence, belladonna of sadness unlike any other anime ever released.

While particularly artistic Bulls might enjoy the anime’s visuals, its dark storyline and unorthodox presentation will make belladonna of sadness feel like a long 86 minutes.

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