5 great animated series for gamers


Anime is one of the most overlooked mediums when it comes to video game adaptations. When many discuss the topic, fans point to movies and maybe sometimes a live action show. However, what if I told you that there are plenty of anime series that manage to create an entertaining adaptation for video games? Fans and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy these series without having to read the source material. Some of these series may be self-explanatory for die-hard fans, but they’re still worth watching.

Pokémon trips

Pokemon is a pretty obvious choice when it comes to video game adaptations. The anime has been around for over two decades and lasts as long as the video game series. For many Pokemon fans, this is considered their first adventure in the anime. You can never go wrong with the classic series but for this choice we will focus on the current series, Pokémon trips.

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, returns for another adventure as he travels through the eight regions of the Pokemon series. From what we’ve seen of the series so far, it’s a nice change of pace from the previous seasons of the anime which focused on one region each season. Fans, young and old alike, will have plenty of fun Travel. However, if the current season still doesn’t appeal to you, you can always look back on past series for a bit of nostalgia!

Pokémon trips is available to watch on Netflix.


While this series is not strictly anime, it nevertheless draws inspiration from the medium, as well as there is a Japanese dub for the series. It’s about as anime as it gets, so it still deserves to be on the list. Castlevania is one of the most popular anime adaptations on Netflix featuring a positive reception on metacritics. It recently ended with its fourth season earlier this year, and a spin-off is slated for the future. One of the best examples of the perfect anime medium for adaptations.

Castlevania is based on the third title in the series with Trevor Belmont as the protagonist as he worked alongside Alucard and Sypha Belnades as they battle Dracula and his minions in the nation of Wallachia. One of the defining characteristics of the series is that the animation and art style were inspired by old cartoons and manga to create something that resembles Ayami Kojima’s art style. It’s not a family show like Pokemon, but for those who love dark fantasy and are fans of the series, this is a must-have.

Castlevania is available on Netflix.

Persona 4 Animation

Persona 3 to 5 all of them have anime adaptations. While the majority of them are decent on their own, Persona 4 is without a doubt the best anime of the three. It’s hard enough to try and adapt a video game that’s over 60 hours old, but Persona 4 manages to do so in the limited execution time available to it. The beat has never felt rushed or dragged and it manages to recreate the magic that made the Character series so popular in the first place. It’s one of the few adaptations that I would recommend even if you haven’t played the original game.

One of the best aspects of Persona 4 was his comedy and how he managed to strike a balance between it and its serious moments. They even managed to make the protagonist who initially served as a roadmap one of their most hilarious and well-written characters. It also helps that the majority of the original voice actors have returned for English and Japanese dubbing. However, I highly recommend the English Dub as it is truly a hilarious treat.

There was also a semi-sequel / remake of the anime that picked up elements of the Golden reissue of Persona 4. While not as good as its previous iteration, it still deserves a watch for those who want more. Character content.

Persona 4 Animation is available on Amazon Prime Video with its Golden counterpart available for streaming on Crisp.

Danganronpa Animation

Danganronpa is on the more niche side of games and series, but it’s still a well-received series. A mysterious murder mixed with a death game among high school students is not the most original idea. However, Danganronpa manages to give it its own style and flair to stand out. The series spanned three games with an anime epilogue to end the first two games. For this choice, we are going to focus on the beginning of it all with the adaptation of the first game.

Danganpona Animation was able to take the structure of the original to make it a well-paced show. We have more than enough time to focus on the characters and their interactions before the deaths and trials turn things around. The performances are also well animated, matching the disturbing but wacky style of the games. It is also strongly recommended that fans donate the DR3 animates a watch (not to be convinced with the V3) which is a good kick-off for the plots and the characters of the first two games.

Danganronpa Animation is available to watch on Hulu and Funimation.

Destiny / Stay the night

For the Fate Series, it’s easy to forget that the series began as a visual novel. There are also countless video games under the title such as Destiny / Grand Order and Destiny / Extella. Over the past decade, the series has managed to reach new audiences with its animated adaptations of the vast series. For newcomers to the show, I think Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is the best place to start. It helps people understand the overall lore of the show before they dive into the countless spinoffs.

In addition to being suitable for beginners, Unlimited blade works is also a beautifully animated spectacle. Ufotable does everything to offer the best fight scenes. The sound design is perfect and the art is just stunning. You wouldn’t even know that the show was made in 2014 with its exceptional quality. After having watched Unlimited blade works, I recommend trying the The feeling of paradise trilogy of films or its prequel, Fate zero.

Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works is available to stream on Netflix, Crisp, and Hulu.

What’s your favorite video game anime? Is there one off the list that we missed? You can also try our other list, 8 anime series perfect for beginners, offering the best among average to general fans as well as gamers! Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts.

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