5 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Animated Series


Since 2008 Iron ManMarvel Comics has become a successful juggernaut across multiple mediums, from comics to movies and now video games given the success of 2018 Marvel’s Spiderman. With so many successful endeavors under their belt, it’s almost surprising that they haven’t really dabbled in one of the fastest growing entertainment industries, anime.

Marvel has dabbled in anime in the past – with adaptations of Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and X-Men. These series never got to become the hits Marvel hoped they would be, with none of them getting a second season. While each of these series deserves another shot, there are so many other Marvel characters who are equally worthy but never even got that far. Hopefully, given Marvel’s new focus on TV and anime projects, these five characters will get a chance.

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If there’s one Marvel character who deserves an even brighter spotlight than he already has, it would be Black Panther. Not only is the character one of the most unique and original concepts in comics with an incredibly rich lore just waiting to be explored, but Black Panther is also one that could translate incredibly well to a series. lively.

There’s an interesting setting, deep mythos, and endearing characters – which any good anime needs. With deep political and cultural themes Black Panther is known for, an anime adaptation could explore these ideas in the same way as The attack of the Titans and Code Geass. The latter in particular would be a big inspiration for the series as it also features royalty and the struggles of ruling a nation, much like Black Panther the comics and the movie do.

Another reason this would work is that T’Challa would make the perfect anime protagonist. He is a character with integrity and strong morals, but at the same time as flawed as any other superhero. He’s a super-genius and a king, but there are still problems in his life and kingdom that even he can’t find easy answers to. His powers are also great for anime, as the genre as a whole tends to thrive on hand-to-hand combat even more than it does on destroying the universe.

Even better, The Adventures of T’Challa wouldn’t even have to stay in Wakanda, as an anime could explore how he interacts with the outside world and even take him to space like the comics have done lately. years.

4 guardians of the galaxy

Speaking of space adventures, there’s definitely a popular Marvel series in the stars that fans would love to see get an anime. During the last years, guardians of the galaxy took advantage of the limelight. Not only has the property received multiple films and even a game, but the comics have also received some of the best creative teams in the business, proving just how much Marvel values ​​characters.

While the comics were much more serious before the release of the James Gunn films, they’ve become more comprehensive, blending drama, action, and humor that’s perfectly balanced for an animated series.

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Which would be great with a guardians of the galaxy anime is that the story and team-up possibilities are virtually endless. Over the past few years, especially Al Ewing’s run, the team members have fluctuated and experimented with interesting new formations, exploring new dynamics and providing new opportunities for interesting stories.

Although they are popular now, many guardians of the galaxy the comics released before the movies were more serious business, exploring the dangers and consequences of war and genocide. If adapted into an anime, the series could explore those same themes and stories while balancing it with a few more lighthearted ones.

3 ghost rider

This one might seem a little surprising, but given the recent popularity of demon hunting anime, ghost rider is practically begging for an accommodation. Not only is the concept of a fiery skeleton riding a motorcycle fun, but as more writers have started toying with the character, an incredibly interesting and deep lore has emerged.

Ghost Rider has evolved from a character who made a deal with the devil, forced to hunt down evil souls, to a being who must save God and heaven itself from being taken over by an evil archangel. Whether it’s the classic Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, or the much newer Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider has always been a spectacular character and concept.

Every Ghost Rider is incredibly flawed, with brothers Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch in particular fitting that description. What’s interesting is that their human sides are meant to temper and balance the spirits of vengeance trapped inside each of them, creating a very popular element of duality in anime. This duality is explored even further as they are believed to act simultaneously as agents of God and the devil.

Although they are not like Naruto, whose purity of heart tamed the beast within him. They’re more like normal guys who, for some reason, were cursed with a duty that caused them to lose everything they loved. This could work well for an anime adaptation as it would flip a classic trope in a way that feels original.

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2 dead Pool

There aren’t many characters better suited to anime than Deadpool. Wade Wilson, the titular Deadpool is a character that would fit better in an anime than Bea Arthur in The Golden Girls. Bad jokes and obscure references aside, Deadpool’s antics as well as over-the-top action have already proven themselves in the recently released manga, deadpool samurai, showing that the character works quite well in the genre. He’s an immortal assassin who is universally hated by just about everyone who meets him, but still manages to attract an entertaining supporting cast for him.

A dead Pool anime could work a lot along the lines Gintama made, a self-aware comedy that manages to seamlessly integrate action scenes into its overarching narrative. Gintama shone through with this style of storytelling and a character like Deadpool could too.

just like Gintama, dead Pool also has some pretty serious moments, especially when Wade’s past and character have time to be explored. He acts like a jerk and is largely one, but underneath is an incredibly deep and sympathetic character who deals with many complex emotions and insecurities, just like Gintoki Sakata, Gintamais the protagonist.

1 Spiderman 2099

As popular as the original Spider-Man was, there are already plenty of animated series featuring the character. That’s why an adaptation of its future counterpart, Spider-Man 2099 would make for a much more exciting animated series.

Set in the year 2099, the series follows Miguel O’Hara as he adopts the mantle of Spider-Man after gaining his own spider powers. Seeing Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man get the anime treatment would be nothing short of spectacular — pun intended — as his nimble, fast-paced fighting style would fit into the genre pretty well. The attack of the Titans proves that weaving around a battlefield with razor-sharp blades creates heart-pounding action, something Miguel could easily match.

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Miguel’s powers are based on gene splicing instead of radiation, giving him similar, albeit different, sets of abilities to Peter’s. It has natural claws, fangs, and webbing—but no spider-sense. Although he is a genius much like Peter, he is seen as more accomplished and arrogant, making him a unique take on Spider-Man’s core values.

His personality is in turn also more flawed than Peter, whose unrealistic selflessness makes him a more interesting protagonist. It’s unlikely Spider-Man 2099 will get an animated adaptation before its classic counterpart, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve one.

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