5 ongoing manga and anime series for Bleach fans


Bleach fans who are waiting for the new anime arc can whet their appetites with these similar anime and manga series.

Bleach was a long-standing manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, and it received an anime adaptation of the same name. The Bleach the anime, although quite long, never told the whole story and ceased airing in 2012. This original anime never represented the longest and most final story arc, the arc of the bloody thousand year war. But now the anime is expected to return soon.

Probably a lot Bleach fans can’t wait to see the anime’s final arc arrive, but the good news is that Bleach Fans can find plenty of other manga and / or anime series going on to keep them sated until the final story arc begins in earnest. The following series are similar to Bleach in many ways, and one of them was directly inspired by it.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a leaner, meaner bleach

Yuuji Itadori from the manga Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu kaisen is a successful shonen series that takes more than a few elements of the classic Bleach, something author Gege Akutami once confirmed. Jujutsu kaisen, As Bleach before it, is a dark fantasy series starring gruesome monsters and the brave warriors who fight them. He follows punk high school student Yuji Itadori who soon finds himself drawn into this brutal world with no way out. He now lives to fight curses, supernatural monsters born out of negative human emotions, and he must reclaim Sukuna’s twenty fingers while struggling to hold Sukuna’s dark power within him, which will undoubtedly be a reminder Bleach fans of Ichigo and his inner Hollow.

Demon Slayer is a better animated bleach

Tanjiro attacks a demon

Everybody in the world shonen knows what Demon slayer is – the story of Tanjiro Kamado and his quest to kill the villainous Muzan Kibutsuji and restore humanity to his demonic sister Nezuko. In many ways, Demon slayer is an evolution of Bleach, and not just because of its vastly superior animation and production values. This story also has a serious emotional impact, portraying demons not only as flesh eaters, but tragic figures twisted by evil, with traces of their past humanity lingering in them, as seen in some Bleach’s Hollows. Always, Demon slayerthe basic premise and style should appeal Bleach fans, being a “monster hunter” anime where uniformed swordsmen use special techniques to fight monsters in a chic Japanese setting.

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Platinum End is a heavenly battle

Mirai, hero of Platinum End

Creators of Death threat comes the new intriguing series End Platinum, which only recently launched on Crunchyroll and Funimation. It looks a little less like Bleach than Jujutsu kaisen and Demon slayer, corn Bleach fans will always appreciate End PlatinumThe emphasis is on spiritual and supernatural powers and the contrast between the heavens and the earthly world below. In a way, these angels are the new Soul Reapers with a hint of Death threat confront Shinigami in them. Protagonist Mirai Kakehashi is a moody student antihero who becomes a supernatural fighter overnight. He must fight twelve other candidates who all seek to become the new God, while seeking humble and ordinary happiness as a human being. Likewise, Ichigo Kurosaki is ready to save the day, but he never wanted to become the hero of the world. He fights to protect his ordinary life and his friends.

Chainsaw Man is a devil hunting manga

Best-selling series by award-winning author Tatsuki Fujimoto Man with chainsaw is a bloody shonen series that may soon be the subject of an anime adaptation, though it’s likely that only the manga can deliver the gory, brutally detailed art that sets the tone so well for the series. Man with chainsaw, As Bleach, is a series of “monster hunters” where flesh-eating devils of all kinds roam the earth, preying on humans or even causing them to strike a real deal with the devil. The rude anti-hero is Denji, an unlucky boy who acquires the power of his chainsaw dog Potchi, becoming the terrifying Chainsaw Man. In many ways, Denji is a lot like Ichigo Kurosaki in his search for meaning, and he fights demonic enemies similar to Hollows.

Noragami features supernatural sword battles

Noragami is an on-going fantasy shonen series with an anime limited to its name. This series is about the pantheon of Japanese gods, most of whom look and act shockingly. Especially the protagonist of the Yato series; a minor deity. The heroine of Noragami, Hiyori Iki, is quickly drawn by Yato into a world of divine quarrels and battles of all kinds, and many of these gods wield spiritual weapons known as Shinki. These Shinki take the form of swords or other common weapons and items. Hiyori is almost like Ichigo, an ordinary high school student who gets involved in supernatural battles while trying to live a normal life at home – if he can. The anime is over, but the Noragami the manga is in progress, with a lot of volumes for Bleach fans to discover.

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