8 Best Serial Killer Anime Series


Anime has a wide variety of subgenres for everyone to enjoy, from fantasy series to horror. A popular genre that fans enjoy is suspense, or more specifically, serial killer series. Unlike Western culture, where serial killers are defined by popular horror films such as Halloween and Friday 13, serial killers don’t have to be scary in anime.

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Serial killer anime series can come in different subgenres, such as mystery and psychological thrillers. Most of the time, these series involve detectives trying to identify the serial killer, and the serial killer is rarely the main character in the anime. Serial killer anime can provide thrilling insight into darker subject matter with a distinctly different feel than mainstream films.

8 In Babylon, a fake ad turns into something dark and twisted

In Babylon, Zen Seizaki is a prosecutor in charge of a false advertising case. This case involves a pharmaceutical company lying about clinical research on a new drug. While investigating this case, Zen finds a page stained with blood, hair, skin, and the letter “F” written all over it.

Throughout the investigation, Zen discovers several mysterious events that make him reflect on his sense of justice and truth. For Zen, this case has gone from investigating false advertising to searching for a psychic serial killer.

seven Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation Features a Girl Who Can Analyze Bones

At first, Shoutarou Tatewaki thinks that Sakurako Kujou is the reason for all the disappearances in their neighborhood. This is the initial configuration of Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation. However, Shoutarou learns that Sakurako actually has an innate talent for analyzing bone specimens. Together, the two investigate several unsolved cases.

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As the number of murders around the pair of leads increases, the mystery behind all the bodies becomes harder to solve. But, it turns out that many copycats act on the model of a distinct killer.

6 In ID: INVADED, a system can allow people to enter the human mind

In the world of ID: INVADED, there is a system called Mizuhanome, which allows people to enter the human mind. Detectives use this system to get into the heads of serial killers and try to identify them. The downside of this system is that to enter you must have committed an act of murder.

This is where Akihito Narihisago comes in, an ex-cop who killed the serial killer who murdered his daughter. Akihito can now enter this system and help detectives solve the mystery of a series of sinister murders.

5 Monster focuses on a doctor trying to stop a serial killer he once saved

In Freak, Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a neurosurgeon who operates on an immigrant worker when he is suddenly forced to switch patients to focus on a famous artist. Unfortunately, this change ended in the death of the immigrant worker, thus leaving Dr. Kenzou with a large amount of undeniable guilt.

Later, when Tenma is asked to switch places during the operation, he refuses and saves a young boy’s life in place of the mayor. Fast forward nine years, this young boy is now a serial killer, and the Doctor is on a mission to stop him.

4 In Erased, Satoru is transported 18 years in time to solve a murder case.

Satoru Fujinuma has a power he likes to call “revival”, where he is sent back several minutes in time before a tragedy happened so he can stop it from happening. However, one day when he is wrongfully accused of murdering a loved one, Satoru is sent back 18 years to the past.

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There is a serial killer who kidnapped and murdered children in the past. Now Satoru realizes that this serial killer may be related to the murder of his original timeline. This time jump becomes Satoru’s opportunity to solve the case and save everyone from their dark fate.

3 Future Diary features a deadly battle royale and a Yandere who will kill without hesitation

In this anime, there is a battle royale between 12 contestants who hold a Future Diary, which can predict the future. In this battle royale, contestants try to kill each other until only one remains, and they become the best god of time and space. The main serial killer in this series is Yuno Gasai, a Yandere of main character Yukiteru.

Although she looks sweet on the outside, on the inside she is a killer and will kill anyone without hesitation for her crush Yukieru.

2 In Tokyo Ghoul, there are a plethora of serial killers in the world

In the world of tokyo ghoul, so many serial killers are rampant. In this series, there is another species of humans called ghouls which are humanoid monsters that are cannibalistic and eat human flesh.

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To live, these ghouls have no choice but to become serial killers and feast on the flesh of their human victims. Unfortunately, the main character of this series Kaneki was unlucky enough to go on a date with one of these ghouls and nearly became a victim himself.

1 In Death Note, Light Yagami becomes drunk with the power of life and death

Death threat is a popular serial killer series about Light Yagami, who one day finds a magic notebook at school. The notebook he found was called the Death threat, and it gives its holder the power to kill anyone whose name is written in the book.

At first, Light uses the book to kill all the criminals in the world, but he quickly becomes corrupted by the power and believes himself to be God. So now Light is using the book to kill anyone who tries to figure out his identity as the holder of the book.

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