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The anime world features many spooky and spooky characters that fit the Halloween season, from cute and/or deadly vampires to dark wizards, zombies, mad scientists and more. Another popular Halloween character is Frankenstein’s monster, which is often depicted as a laboratory-born monster built with body parts put together.

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Ever since Mary Shelley’s original 1818 novel, arguably the very first science fiction story, Frankenstein’s Monster has been a pop culture staple, like Boris Karloff’s famous depiction of the monster. Now, as Halloween approaches, anime fans can try out all kinds of spooky series featuring their own version of this character. The best monsters are stitched together, one corpse at a time.

9 Blood Lad introduced Akim Parpradon, who continued to experiment on himself

Akim the monster

blood boy features a doctor named Franken Stein, but it’s not the creator that’s bad, it’s the creation. Franken Stein is actually somewhat friendly with Staz and Fuyumi, while his creation, Akim Parpradon, is downright evil.

Akim continuously collects more and more demonic body parts, then mixes and matches them to increase his power level higher and higher. He chooses only the best parts, and with them he can become far stronger than any demon was ever meant to be.

8 Soul Eater’s Franken Stein is barely ambiguous

Some anime characters are meant to be a subtle reference to pop culture characters or Japanese mythology, while others are cheerfully obvious, often for the sake of humor or to match the character’s gritty personality. An example is Franken Stein from soul eater.

Franken Stein is doctor and monster combined into one, and he loves dissecting specimens. He will only reluctantly quit his job to teach the heroine Maka Albarn and her classmates, and it’s clear that he’s been doing some experimenting on himself. Otherwise, why would he have a giant bolt in his head and stitches in his skin and coat?

7 Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) had Frankenstein-esque homunculi

In the original 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime, several of the homunculi are different from their manga versions, including Wrath and Sloth, among others. In this alternate version of the franchise, some homunculi can be roughly compared to Frankenstein’s monster in spirit.

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These characters were created in a lab and have a relationship with their creator that might remind shrewd anime fans of that between Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his own monster, but with a little more chemistry and action thrown into the mix. . For what it’s worth, the 2009 anime Wrath is also a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, being a finished creature in a lab with mad science.

6 Dragon Ball Had Frankenstein’s Monster Robot, Android 8

android 8 in dragon ball

Many high-tech robots and contraptions can be found in the legendary Akira Toriyama dragonball franchise, and many fans love Android 18, which has become more human and married Krillin. But there is another Android worth mentioning: Android 8.

This particular android clearly pays homage to Boris Karloff’s version of Frankenstein’s monster, and in the anime he was supposed to fight for the Red Ribbon Army. However, he is actually a kind-hearted creation and he would only fight if he absolutely had to.

5 My Hero Academia’s Nomu Beasts Are Like Frankenstein’s Monster

The world of my hero academia depicts a future where almost everyone has a Quirk or superpower. But for some villains like All For One and Dr. Garaki, that’s still not enough, so these villains have built their own Frankenstein-esque monsters: the Nomu.

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Each Nomu is made from assembled body parts and possesses multiple Quirk Factors, making them far more powerful than typical humans. Some of them are even designed with specific missions or targets in mind, like the invincible All Might.

4 Pokémon’s Mewtwo Is An Analogy To Frankenstein’s Monster

Not all Frankenstein-style monsters have to look like zombies or gothic horror creatures. Some anime characters are meant to be Frankenstein’s monsters in spirit rather than flesh, and that includes the bizarre Pokemon known as Mewtwo. Fans saw it for themselves in the first Pokemon movie.

Mewtwo was created in a lab to be the ultimate being, but he was tormented, not knowing his true purpose or if he could be accepted by others. Mewtwo escaped from the lab and built his own island kingdom, populated by clone Pokémon that had nowhere to go.

3 The corpse empire has a lot of monsters

anime corpse empire

The animated feature film The Corpse Empire takes Mary Shelley’s basic story concept and expands on it considerably. In this version of the tale, Dr. Victor Frankenstein can create living corpses with souls, but it is also possible to create Frankenstein monsters with artificial souls, or Necroware.

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As the 19th century progresses, these types of monsters become ordinary workers, mindless automatons that keep society running. At one point, medical student John Watson tries to resuscitate his friend who died on Friday, and the plot gets even wilder from there.

2 Fate/Apocrypha includes Frankenstein’s Bride

frankenstein in fate

In Fate/Apocrypha, Dr. Victor Frankenstein wanted to create a zombie version of Adam and Eve from the Bible, and he started with the bride, Frankenstein. However, she had a twisted and underdeveloped mind and did not behave as expected.

Still, this version of Frankenstein is a powerful fighter, as you’d expect from the Destiny series, and it has all the classic Frankenstein elements, including being built from corpses stitched together and bringing the power of lightning to life.

1 Anpanman includes Frankenrobo

anpanman frankenstein

Anpanman is a slightly older anime series, but it has been running for over 1,000 episodes and was originally based on children’s books. This series has influenced a number of modern franchises and drawn inspiration from older works, including Frankenstein.

The series includes a small and cute robotic version of Frankenstein’s monster, who is clearly more interested in making music than spreading terror. Given the target audience for Anpanmanit makes sense to depict a harmless and fun version of the monster instead of the original.

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