9 anime series that take themselves too seriously


Some anime take themselves too seriously. For some, they focus so much on drama and emotion that they end up dropping the ball. Other times, the show takes on a grim, dark tone and tries too hard to do so. Unfortunately, fans can tell when shows try too hard and miss the mark.

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Shows are guilty of trying too hard and taking themselves too seriously when they have a plethora of brooding characters who also take themselves too seriously, when they rely on shock value, or when they take hits right. market at heart. Even the most famous and successful anime are guilty of this from time to time.

9 Naruto: Shippūden seemed to have a serious plot until they gave it up at the end

naruto happy in shippuden

While there’s certainly a lot of humor built into the heart of the naruto franchise, the series tackled some heavy topics. Naruto was orphaned after the gruesome deaths of his parents, was ostracized by the entire village, and then effectively became a child soldier who would undo years of corruption and dark conspiracies.

However, the series took its themes and lore about the shinobi world too seriously, and in the end they dropped the ball, swapping an ultimate villain which would have been a great conclusion for what amounted to an alien who has helped create their world. What was worse was that this character came out of left field, and it felt like a way to deal with the power creep and try to tie up the show’s more esoteric themes.

8 Tokyo Ghoul thinks it’s way bolder than it was

The characters of tokyo ghoul suffer a lot of hardship, and the idea of ​​ghouls inherently brings this series into the serious horror genre. However, as the show progresses, it becomes apparent that the show takes itself too seriously in a way that felt unnatural to some.

For one thing, many characters don’t feel like they have adequate development or growth. From mindless torture to edgy costumes and loss of humanity, this show tries to explore dark and heavy themes, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark for everyone, leaving the show feeling like it’s trying too hard. to be cool. Even though fans loved the main series, the sequels spoiled it even more.

7 Elfen Lied tried too hard for shock value

Nyu looks at nature in Elfen Lied

The 2005 show was considered one of the most “cutting edge” anime of its time, but perhaps not for good reason. Much criticized elf lied to be a show that relied on gore, violence, and cringe-worthy moments of fanservice that felt out of place. The show tried to be shocking and transgressive, but it just felt like overkill to many fans.

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This was especially evident in today’s review, as the anime didn’t hold up to many viewers. As with many older anime, elf lied hasn’t aged the best.

6 Yu-Gi-Oh took itself seriously for a children’s anime

Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Waking The Dragons Arc DOMA

Yu Gi Oh! was a children’s show about kids and teens using a card game to earn money, fight enemies, and gain power. The art style was characterized by hard edges, thick lines, and eccentric subject matter. Just based on the characters’ clothes and hair, it was obvious that this show took itself too seriously.

Additionally, the characters warped during a game, and they were often seen giving impassioned speeches about good and evil while playing. On top of that, characters were trapped in maps and a billionaire kid was blackmailing, bribing and extorting other players.

5 The seriousness of the Jojo franchise against the absurd is the joke

Anime JoJos Bizarre Adventure Star Platinum The World Stand

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an interesting show that even seems to comment on the seriousness of the anime itself. The characters wear eccentric clothes, have strange personalities, and strike ridiculous poses. However, the nature of the series is quite serious, with gruesome deaths being commonplace, terrifying Stands committing murders, and serious characters ruling the screen.

Therein lies the joke of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: the juxtaposition of the absurd and the serious. The show takes itself so seriously in conjunction with its eccentricity as a way to flip the genre.

4 The Fate series was seriously convoluted

Saber uses Excalibur in Fate Zero

Many game-based anime are often guilty of taking themselves too seriously, and many feel that way due to the inherent difficulties of translating a game into an anime. The storyline is often a bit confusing with the introduction of so many characters due to the large number of playable characters that were in the game iteration.

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Shows like the Destiny the series are guilty of this. Moreover, the Destiny The series, in particular, tries to tackle esoteric concepts while including big fights and serious decisions. All of this together makes the show feel like it’s trying a little too hard.

3 Light Yagami and Death Note take themselves too seriously

Light with a calm expression

Death threat was a hugely successful anime for a reason. It was dark and had intense moments of suspense and mystery. However, upon rewatching, it’s easy to see just how self-obsessed and ridiculous main characters such as Light Yagami and L could be.

One moment that fans remember vividly is the famous scene in which Light melodramatically pretends to eat potato chips while using the Death Note. L and Light were often guilty of using their intelligence to engage in selfish thought experiments that were meant to be them using the power of Sherlockian deduction. Sometimes it was just too serious to the point of being ridiculous.

2 The Dragon Ball Series Brings The Absurdity To Serious Battles

Young trunks meet older trunks

the dragonball The franchise was one of the most successful and famous Shounen anime. It was a complete anime with martial arts, hidden powers and aliens. However, there were also a lot of things that held the dragonball return allowance.

The fans see dragonball and its various spin-offs as taking itself too seriously because it adhered to so many Shounen tropes, its inability to tell a story quickly (having a fight for many episodes, most of which were largely recaps of the previous one), and its power creep.

1 Sword Art Online tried to tackle heavy topics that felt out of place

asuna and kirito sword art online

Sword Art Online attracted a lot of fans when it was first released, but it didn’t hold their support for long. For many, the writing took itself too seriously while constantly dropping the ball or having pacing issues, but much more sinister is the reason many fans have sworn to be serious.

The writer seems obsessed with moments of sexual assault, which occur in many different arcs and seasons. The show tries to address this serious topic, but it misses the mark terribly and feels like it’s gratuitously and unnecessarily relying on violence against women for views.

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