Adi Shankar provides an update on the animated series Devil May Cry


Adi Shankar provides an update on the animated series Devil May Cry

It’s been almost three years since producer Adi Shankar announced he was developing an animated adaptation of Capcom’s bestseller. The devil can cry video games. Since then, there have been very few (if any) updates on the evolution of the series. But speaking with TechRaptor (Going through, Shankar has confirmed that the show is still in the works. In fact, the start of production is just around the corner.

“All of the scripts for the first season are finished,” Shankar said. “I collaborated with a very talented writer named Alex Larsen on the scripts. The scripts are great and I wanted to perform them in a way that would make my fellow DMC fans proud. Again, this was developed by a fan. of DMC for DMC fans, that was the philosophy behind the project, and production is slated to start early next year.

Larsen has already written several episodes of Netflix Yasuke so earlier this year, he’s so familiar with an anime franchise. Meanwhile, Shankar has already enjoyed great success in the anime business. He was executive producer on Netflix Castlevania series, which many fans have hailed as one of the best video game adaptations of all time. After securing the The devil can cry rights in 2018, Shankar also teased that the new series would be set in the same universe as Castlevania. However, it’s not clear if that’s still the plan.

What are your hopes for a The devil can cry animated series? Let us know in the comment section below.

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