All-new Ninjala animated series to premiere on YouTube next week


Image: GungHo Online Entertainment

Late last year, GungHo Online Entertainment announced a brand new animated series for Ninjala. This one would be “more involved” than the previous YouTube cartoon series that had already aired, and the plan is to “dive deeper into the colorful world of gaming.”

GOE has now locked the release date for the launch date of the first episode, and it will air next week on January 13 on the Ninjala official YouTube channel. Each episode will be available to everyone in the world every Thursday, but the catch is, they’ll only be there for a week at a time.

The team behind Ninjala also shared a preview of the show on the game’s website. Here’s what you can expect:

Ninja-Gum, a substance known to strengthen the power of the Shinobi that inhabits it and make it come out … Burton, Berecca and Ron, three researchers from the World Ninja Association, or WNA, are responsible for developing it in secret. Unfortunately, they have not succeeded in producing failure after failure.
But after three whole years of experimentation, they finally succeed in producing Ninja-Gum! “Ninjala”, the extreme ninja fighting tournament that uses Ninja-Gum is organized in order to find the strongest Shinobi, but incidents and plots involving Ninja-Gum and the existence of unknown beings take place behind the scenes. ..

The Ninjala animated series starring the game’s eight main characters (Burton, Berecca, Ron, Van, Emma, ​​Jane, Kappei and Lucy), as well as Gumchi, begins!

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