Animated films are coming to theaters this summer


No matter where you live in North America, there are upcoming blockbuster animated movies hitting theaters near you this summer. Here are details on some of these acclaimed films.

As America’s motion picture industries produce thrilling, action-packed movies like Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret, American anime fans will now have the opportunity to watch their favorite anime movies coming out this summer. Curating from Ghibli classics to long-awaited sequels and originals, these animated films will have you cheering on the main protagonists and their sidekicks.

Here is our list of anime coming to theaters and release dates.

Fortune favors Lady Nikuko

Along with the achievement Komi-san can’t communicate (streamed on Netflix), Ayumu Watanabe hits US theaters with Fortune favors Lady Nikuko. The film centers on the relationship between 38-year-old Nikuko and her 11-year-old daughter Kikuko, who live on a boat while having nothing else in common. Kikuko is annoyed by her mother’s laid-back personality as she tries to navigate her life until a miracle happens after their secrets are revealed. This slice-of-life movie offers adorable visuals as Kikuko discovers what it’s like to grow up and learn that your parents are human too.

In theaters June 3.

Starlight Review: The Movie

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Starlight Review: The Movie is a thrilling sequel to the television series that ended four years ago. The film follows Karen and Hikari as they dance in the secret competition under their school to earn the title of “Top Star”. While being an idol show at best, there was a competitive aspect where everyone is against each other to achieve their goal. As a direct sequel to the TV series, it is highly recommended to watch it before the movie. Since this is an idol movie, you can definitely expect stunning visuals and music sung by the voice actors themselves, giving fans of the series an early Christmas present.

In theaters June 5

Fruit Basket: The Prelude

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As a remake of 2001’s Fruit Basket, it was well received in the anime industry as one of the best shoujo anime. The story follows Tohru Honda, an orphan who encounters the Sohma family who are possessed by Chinese zodiacs and cursed to transform into animal form whenever weak or stressed. The film features the backstory of Tohru’s parents which was both beautiful and tragic. This slice-of-life love story is full of heartwarming scenes while also having depressing subject matter like domestic violence and mental illness.

It will also include scenes that take place after the anime ends as a little treat for fans of the shojo series.

In theaters June 25

The deer king

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Coming from former Studio Ghibli members, The deer king focuses on the story of a warrior named Van who is tasked with protecting a young girl after fleeing slavery. As they escape, they are faced with a supernatural curse that befalls the nation. This fantasy anime offers great action and a political story of rebellion while highlighting the importance of medical studies in the face of supernatural diseases. While on par with a Ghibli movie, you better check it out The king of deer.

In theaters July 15


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From the director of Devilman Crybaby, Misaaki Yuasa delivers her final anime before her break from the film industry. His take on the famous Noh performer named Ino-Oh reinvents him as a rock star in the 14th century. Ino-Oh’s story has gone undocumented and has become a legendary figure in the performance industry. In this spirited take on his story, you can expect outlandish music with fiery stages and backup dancers that will make you want to shake your head with his rock music.

In theaters August 12

With all of these movies hitting theaters in the United States, American fans will finally be able to watch these great films with a bag of popcorn in hand. We can probably expect more anime over the years. So for this summer, will you be watching any of these films from our list?

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