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Chris Ayres’ passing leaves a significant hole in the hearts of many anime fans, but it survives through his years of service in the dubbing industry.

The death of Christopher Ayres is a tragedy for the anime community. His performance as a galactic tyrant Frieza in the Dragon ball the franchise is considered by many to be the best. The role is well filled by Daman Millis, but there will always be an emptiness felt by the absence of Chris.

For fans still under the weight of this loss, all is not lost. Chris’ legacy lives on through his many voiceover roles. It doesn’t just cover Dragon ball, That is. Chris’s name is attached to an extensive library of English dubs. In memory of this voiceover icon, here are some more of his greatest performances.

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Corset – Panties & Stockings with garter belt

Panty and Stocking Croset

Chris reuses his haughty dictatorial voice to good effect in the Panties & Stockings dubbing. Chris adds to that voice by making his Corset character speak in a quirky and exaggerated manner. The ridiculousness of such a voice would seem a bit out of place on a worthy character like Frieza, but it suits Corset perfectly given the context in which it is used. Panties & Stockings is a pretty ridiculous anime itself, but Funimation takes a lot of creative liberties with its script to make the show even more hilarious. Panties & StockingsThe cartoonish tone of, complemented by Funimation’s comedic dialogue, creates the perfect environment for Chis to deliver one of his most weird performances of all time.

Prince Soma Asman Kadar – Black Butler

Prince soma

Prince Soma of black butler fame is another rule played by Chris, but that’s where the similarities end. The young prince, unlike Frieza or Corset, is a pleasant man who seeks to rule with kindness, charm and understanding. Chris gives Soma a more playful and light tone to his voice to reflect that personality. Soma in the Universe provides a refreshing contrast to the series’ more reluctant protagonist, Ciel Phantomhive. The character also shines when interacting with Agni, Soma’s equivalent of Ciel’s butler, Sebastian. Chris does a great job of introducing Soma’s friendly and emotional personality to the English speaking audience.

Takeda Shingen – Sengoku Basara

Shingen, despite being another leader, helps Chris show more of his vocal talent. Shingen commands his Takeda clan and must constantly lead them to victory through an alternate and overpowered version of the Warring States period of Japan. To exercise this control, he must have an expressive and authoritative voice. This voice must be the one that inspires confidence and conveys a feeling of experience to its troops. Shingen also shows a more passionate side when interacting with Sengoku by Basara deuteragonist, Sanada Yukimura. Chris taps into the deeper end of his vocal range to bring out those necessary qualities of Shingen’s voice. Chris’s ability to present the nuances of Shingen’s voice further asserts his talents as a voice actor.

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General True – Broken Blade

Broken Blade General True

General True is another leadership role that Chris works well in. Even though True is a general just like Shingen, the manners and methods of the two are slightly different from each other. True is more about leading his troops than Shingen is leading them. True also exudes an air of arrogant recklessness that risks driving his team to ruin in battle. In Broken blade, the role of the wise and charismatic leader is best fulfilled by General Baldr. Certainly, however, despite its flaws, also radiates passion and exudes a respectable sense of duty. Chris is able to capture this character’s blend of arrogance and dedication to his people through his voice.

Kei Kurono – Gantz

Chris actually has a notable lead character role thanks to Gantz. In this series, like many teenagers, Kei is irritable and excited in his head but tries his best not to show it to others. He sometimes lets these worst parts of himself slip away, but most of the time he remains reserved. The show makes up for this by laying bare Kei’s inner monologues so the audience can hear all of his thoughts unfiltered. Kei, as a result, also proves to be ridiculous but relevant as he indulges his basic impulses. Chris manages to perfectly represent this awkward state of mind of a teenager, with growls and voice cuts.

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