Anime games don’t always have to be fighting games


Games based on popular animated series have been the norm for almost as long as video games have been around. While their qualities may vary, most fans of either medium will most likely expect an anime game to be a fighting game. This is something that needs to change.

It has become a bit of a running joke that if an anime becomes popular it will end up turning into a fighting game. Naruto’s Ultimate Ninja Storm The series practically began the lore of the 3D anime arena fighter, but only a few managed to capture the essence of the source material in the same way and even fewer did anything to alter the formula of any way. With combat being the focus of so many more popular anime, a traditional fighting game might seem like the most logical thing for an adaptation, but it often ends up removing a lot of what makes most anime unique in the first place. . As anime ideas continue to grow outside the box, it wouldn’t hurt if their game adaptations did the same.

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When it comes to anime games, there are a lot less RPGs than there should be. The genre is a great fit for the progression style and power-scaling that many anime follow. Titles like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot show that even when a series isn’t necessarily designed to fit the mold of an appropriate RPG, a few tweaks can create a truly fun experience that fits its source material incredibly well.

RPGs are often a big time investment, but it’s one that many fans are willing to make when it comes to a world they’re already invested in. Fairy tale gave fans traditional RPG gameplay that allows players to focus on things like party building while the story covers more original content that fills in some of the gaps that the source material hovers over. There are many animated worlds that fans would love to be a part of in a 40+ hour RPG.

fairy tail natsu

Sports games

Unsurprisingly, sports games only really work for sports-based anime. Despite this, there are still many popular sports anime that could make great games. The best example of this is Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. Not only is it a great soccer game that even non-animated fans could enjoy, but it’s packed with fan service taken straight from the manga.

With how few sports anime games there are now, it would be great to see a variety of them in the future. Series as Haikyu !! Where Kuroko no basket receiving games based on their respective sports would likely be well appreciated by fans of either series and fill a niche that hasn’t been filled in the slightest.

Sims Dating

When it comes to almost any anime, there’s almost always a debate about the best girls or the best guys. Obviously, none of those waifu or mario crushes could be real, but there’s no reason video games couldn’t capitalize on the idea and let fans live out their fantasies in a dating simulation.

While this is rarely the primary focus, elements of dating have crept into a few anime games already. The most recent Sword art online Game, Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, allows players to bond (and romanticize) with much of the main cast. Features like this have always been aimed more at longtime fans than a basic mechanic. Considering the number of anime that revolve around a clueless main character and expanding harem, it would be nice to have the chance to take control and finally see these characters take over.

Anime games have started to diversify recently, but progress has been slow. Hopefully fans can start to look forward to playing their favorite anime character in something other than a fighting game.

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