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NOTE: Animax (Movie max) does NOT contain or for streaming/watching full Movies/TV Shows or Anime & Manga. It is a tracking client, which supports almost all media types, powered by Anilist and TMDB

Animax (Movies Max) works as a movie wiki, where you find information about movies/tv/anime/manga before going to cinema or netflix & chill. It does not contain full movie or streaming TV show. You can access a lot of information such as the release date of the movie, the next release of a play, naruto, .. who directs it, who participates in it, who is the voice actor of lufy, etc .. with all the videos associated (trailer, blooper, backstage,…). You will know everything about the movie/series without spoilers, it’s cool, right?
This app has so much potential that it is the only one that can support multiple types of media from movie to TV show to anime to manga. All in one and keep growing day and night. Few apps can do this, eps this app contains very detailed information.

Animax (Movies Max) – Best Anime/Manga, Movies & TV Shows app to find and follow. The app has smart navigation and a very large collection, which help you instantly find out what awaits you next. It contains thousands of titles including trailers, bloopers, video footage, screenshots, posters and very detailed details about every cast and crew for this movie/TV show. Movie Max organizes them smartly and keeps you in the center of it, everything you need is around you, just a few keystrokes to get it.


• Discover movies/TV shows, cartoons and manga
• Anilist and TMDB tracker client.
• Advanced tracker, supports full feature list of Anilist and TMDB
• Watch the trailer, the blooper, the preview video, …
• Super detail about movie/tv show and anime and manga
• Include videos, trailers, screenshots, posters, backgrounds, etc.
• Video player: native hd full screen
• Advanced search includes Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Manga and Collections on one page

Animax (Movies Max) – A tracker for Anime/Manga, Movies and TV Shows was designed to help you get all the information about all types of media you love. Before going to the cinema, the app is to go to the movie checkout, help you select the best one to watch. Or if you are a fan of TV Series or Anime or Manga, the app shows you lots of useful information such as next episode, air date, user rating, recommendation and many more again.

Everything is there, free and stays up to date. We build the app so you can reach everything without multiple clicks. You can get movie, tv show, episode, actor, actress, who is involved in the movie, who is writing the script, who is directing the movie, etc. It’s so much to try, detail and tweak.

By using the big data service, you are sure to get the latest information from the world of cinema. Movie Max will receive more updates in the near future. Our goal is to bring it to the top of the movie service. Please stay with us and give us your feedback to make it better and better.

DISCLAIMER: Animax (Movie Max) does NOT contain or for streaming/watching full movies/tv shows, anime and manga
– All anime/manga information and images are from
– All movie/tv show info and pictures are sourced from
– Movie Max uses the tmdb api but is not tmdb endorsed or certified

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