Anime Series That Deserve JRPG Games ASAP

I know I’m a little behind on this one, but can we talk about how DBZ Kakarot seems to have opened the door for any anime getting a JRPG game. Here are my top picks for anime that deserve JRPGS.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

I know, I question DBZ because it’s mostly invested action, but if you look at Jojo’s stories, it’s a lot more globetrotting, investigation and adventure. Plus, you could make it a great game for all generations of the Joestar clan.

outlaw star

Another great series that gets almost no love, but has all the makings of an RPG is Outlaw Star. It has a great story, great mystery, awesome action sets, and an ever-growing cast of protagonists. It would be awesome if they cloned Skies of Arcadia and did ship battles and character battles.


Bleach seems like a no-brainer. Why don’t we have a great AAA Bleach RPG. It has a great cast and great action. I think you understand my logic for the series that deserve it now.

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba

Come on, the fighting game was pretty poor but give me a proper RPG where you could explore Japan as Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke and any Hashira for the arc. Going through the training and every amazing moment. Alright, I’ll stop gushing, but come on, we need it.

cowboy bebop

Ryu Ga Gotoku, you were amazing with Fist of the North Star. Imagine Cowboy Bebop made like a Yakuza game, just fist fight on Mars or Venus. Even any other dev except Team Yakuza seems like the perfect call for this one.

my hero academia

My Hero Academia has taken the world by storm and is easily one of my favorite shonen anime. There are tons of characters to choose from for party members and the potential for two stories between UA students and the League of Villains. This is again obvious for an RPG.


This one is a bit more difficult to justify than the others but it is a necessity. It would have to be an action RPG. Maybe Fromsoft could use some of the strengths of Dark Souls and Elden Ring that were inspired by Berserk, even this gameplay would be perfect for the dark swordsman. After Miura’s passing and the latest anime series not being great, this might be the second best way to consume Berserk besides the manga and maybe even be the animated narrative it truly deserves.

Honorable mentions

This will just be a quick list of some that I think deserve their own RPGs or already have one and deserve a new one:

  • Naruto Shippūden – Boruto
  • Inuyasha–Yasahime
  • Dragon ball – a bit of a cheat but come on kid Goku had some great adventures
  • Gundam – choose a series, it will come out fine
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • 7 Deadly Sins

This is my list. These anime have mostly games already, maybe even mobile RPGs, but I’m thinking more of a console RPG. If your favorite anime isn’t on the list, I’m sorry and we can all rest easy knowing that One Piece Odyssey will be releasing very soon.

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