Best Animated Movies For Bollywood Fans


If you’re a fan of the good ol ‘Bollywood movies, there’s a good chance you’re irrevocably in love with the tropes we’ve been seeing for years. Weird twists, thrilling twists, convoluted love stories, and more. However, if you don’t know what to watch next, Anime is a great follow-up for Bollywood lovers.

Bollywood drama and romance are hard to replicate, but there are animated films that precisely fill memories and tick all the boxes that a Bollywood lover would have. Drama, romance, excitement, high stakes, these movies have them all! Moreover, these animated films are also beautifully made with jaw-dropping illustrations!

Watch these wonderful animated films this month, but keep a handkerchief handy because you are going to feel a lot of thrills!

1. A silent voice: the film

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Have you ever had a bully to love bow that was done in a way that will melt your heart? It is time for you to do it. This beautiful story of a high school bully and his life after high school will keep you captivated until the very last second. To top it off, this film had a brilliant portrayal of disability and how people with disabilities live their lives! Love, remorse, drama: this film has it all.

2.5 centimeters per second

Image credits: Twitter / isZohoor

If you are looking for emotions, you will find them all in this wonderful animated film from 2011. This love film is about painting a realistic picture of life. The gorgeous visuals will keep you hooked and the love story that unfolds throughout the film will put you on the edge of your seat. The slice of life content and heartbreaking beautiful story will absolutely make you cry, so be prepared! Get ready to ride a roller coaster of sensations!

3. Your name

Image credits: Twitter / shevin_141

Do you like romance? East See Zaara the movie you still end up watching after a long period of undecided Netflix scrolling? You should try your name Where Kimi No Na Wa in its original title. This love story will make your heart beat faster and your eyes racing! Full of laughter, pain, twists and turns, and a budding romance that will have even the greatest of romantics sit and notice, this movie is the perfect watch for the weekend!

4. In the light of the firefly forest

Image credits: Twitter / gymcdz_

If you are looking for something short but deep, In the light of the forest of fireflies Where Hotarubi No Mori E will captivate you and make sure you never forget this short film. It’s a straightforward romance that promises to trap you with its beautiful visuals and intense tenderness. With a little magic, a sprinkle of adventure, a bucket of love, and a sprinkle of spirits, this little movie makes a huge impact on everyone who watches it!

5. Children who chase lost voices

Image credits: Twitter / sliceofani

A pinch of magic, a pinch of unrequited love and a bunch of adventure. Children who chase lost voices is a story full of magic, drama, suspense and mystery. With a strong female role and a story of daring feats and wonderful friendships, this film promises to carve a place in your heart. Also known as Trip to Agartha, it is one of the most overlooked films. The spellbinding visuals and gripping storyline will keep you at the edge of your seat, wishing the movie would never end!

6. Perfect blue

Image credits: Twitter / superteebaby

Are you looking for a drama or thriller that will take your breath away? Forget that Kahani Where Karthik Call Karthik. It’s time to move on a more unexplored path. Perfect blue is the chilling story of a superstar plagued by a stalker and how her life crumbles around her as she tries to live up to expectations and beliefs. This movie will put you on the edge of your seat with its dark, grainy visuals and wonderful story.

These movies will make you nostalgic for a place you’ve never been to! Art styles are beautiful and evoke feelings in you that you might never have felt before.

You might feel like anime is for kids because it’s animated, but you’ll immediately be wrong with some of these gorgeous themes and storylines!

Check out some of these movies and let us know which one you like the most in the comments below.

Good viewing!

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