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Anime is one of the most dominant forms of entertainment in the world, with legions of fans hosting conventions, online discussion groups, and other ways to celebrate their dedication to craftsmanship. The characters embed themselves in the hearts of viewers and establish their status in the upper echelon of pop culture. And while there are endless TV options with enough episodes to span multiple lifetimes, the medium also has a healthy movie offering, with several movies continuing or expanding on the stories of established manga properties like “Demon Slayer.” , “Dragon Ball” or “Cowboy Bebop”.

But there are often fresh, self-contained stories for fans to jump into. Love, revenge, discovery, heartbreak and fantasy abound in their tales, taking viewers from a distant past into a distant and sometimes bleak future. Movies have a big impact on society, from their stylistic choices to an infamous slide used in entertainment around the world.

To celebrate the expansion of this genre, Stacker watched all animated movies on IMDb with at least 12,500 votes and narrowed the list down to the top 25 animated films, with ties broken by the votes. Here are the sublime films that made the cut to become forever fan favorites that stand the test of time.

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