Best Animated Movies To Watch In 2021 – Still Relevant After Many Years


Animated films are loved by fans and critics alike. They are obviously a big pillar in the media market. There are a variety of movies out there and some are franchise based while others are completely original creations. These works are obviously quite ubiquitous and engaging. Unlike the typical animated films associated with all children, they focus on media as well as some animated films aimed at a wide range of audiences.

All the while, over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the arrival of many animated films. They vary widely in their subject matter as well as the views of the target. Some of these films have defined masterpieces that intertwine some of the beautiful animations with a variety of themes and ideas. Well, here we have finished some of the best animated movies released in the last decade. They have also been ranked according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Arrietty’s Secret World

This film was produced by Studio Ghibli and is one of the most user-friendly feature films. This throws all the spotlight on Arrietty as well as her loved ones. It is a small family that resides in the narrow spaces of a human garden. This small group borrows supplies from humans to survive. They all go unnoticed until the arrival of a new character named Shou who is young. Shou forms a friendship with Arrietty. This film fed a slow pace and provided time in shots that explore the rich world as well as the nuances of Arrietty’s way. Then his family will visit the human house that surrounds them. Just like we’ve seen in other Ghibli films, the art and music is pretty well done. It makes for a beautiful movie that anyone can understand.


Promare can be considered an action packed horror film. It was created by Studio Trigger. They even created some of the other fast-paced works such as Kill la Kill as well as Inferno Cop. In this film we are witnessing the city of Propolis. He arrives with the help of a team of firefighters who all have to fight against the mutants of the flame. These flaming creatures appear randomly out of nowhere and infest their world. The main protagonist of this story has to be Galo Thymos.

He’s a recent recruit to the fire team who sets out on a quest to uncover the real reason behind mutants. The aesthetic used in this film is detailed with a lot of intricate detail. It allowed for a fluid animation style as well as a fast pace that transports all viewers through its universe. If we take everything into account, then this tale is surely one of the awesome tides from start to finish.

In this corner of the world

This animated film is a historical drama that utilizes the full essence of residence in Japan during WWII. The main character of this story is Suzu Urano. She is a young girl who loves to draw and first lives on the outskirts of the city of Hiroshima. This was before she married a man in the port town of Kure. This tale covers the pre-war period which slowly progresses over the years and follows the life of our protagonist. This is when the conflict creeps even closer to where she lived. As a film, the story of this tale offers audiences a heartbreaking perspective on one of the world’s greatest wars. In this corner of the world is something you should never miss.

your name

This animated film can be seen as a fresh take on the genre of films where the characters swap bodies in romance and fate. Mitsuha Miyamizu as well as Taki Tachibana are the two leaders of this tale. Mitsuha is the country resident girl while Taki is more of a city boy. Later in the scenes, audiences find these two characters periodically swapping their bodies. The film follows the couple as they attempt to solve the puzzle behind the event and seek each other out in real life. Later we witness the tragic idea of ​​hopelessness as well as the distant love that occurs between the two. Besides, the visually lush scenery surely makes for a gripping tale that could actually make even those people who consider themselves the most diligent of movie viewers cry.

Alter with you

This film can be considered as another of the talented creations of the talented director, that is, Makoto Shinkai. It is very popular for its work on 5 centimeters per second as well as your name. In his animated film, we find that Tokyo is actually in the throes of a series of disruptive rain showers. The film has two main roles in the story, namely Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano. They meet and later it is revealed that Hina is able to summon the sun when she begins to pray for him. It all gradually leads to a somewhat fantastic plot and at other times, quite grounded. The story is rooted in the characters and therefore in their interactions. We can also see how they evolve throughout this movie and all that down to some of the great effects.

Penguin Highway

You should know that this movie has a pretty surreal mystery at its heart. He is also provided a score of 100 percent at Rotten Tomatoes. That’s when fourth-grader Aoyama finds herself drawn away when a herd of penguins suddenly appear in their hometown. Applying the scientific method, he goes in search of the penguins and discovers that they all come from a woman who resides in her dentist’s office. Although this is only the start of his journey. The film tells a coming-of-age story that revolves around Aoyama and her friends as they research this phenomenon with a sense of maturity that comes with a philosophical approach. This film is surely an engaging and thoughtful watch.

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