Best Animated Series with Male Leads by Tsundere


There are many ways to categorize and label characters in the anime world, ranging from basic archetypes such as “cool genie” rival like Sasuke Uchiha to energetic genki girls and so on. When it comes to a character’s personality and behavior as a lover, the -dere archetypes work best, from tsundere to kuudere and even dandere.

All of these -dere archetypes describe how an amorous character might behave, with -dere being “affectionate” and the first part describing how that affection is expressed. While kuuderes are cool and aloof on the outside, tsunderes have a fierce temper and eagerly deny their undeniable romantic feelings, making them a fun character. Most of the best tsunderes are girls like evangelizationis Asuka Langley and Toradora!‘s Aisaka Taiga – but there are also a lot of adorable tsundere boys.

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The little hero of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Edward Elric, has been a classic tsundere from the very beginning. Like many tsunderes in anime, Edward is a naturally short-tempered man who has a big heart, but also a serious attitude to match. Edward tends to burst out when people make fun of his short stature, and he’ll also freak out if someone brings up his secret crush on Winry Rockbell.

On the outside, Edward tends to tease Winry and call her a gear head, and he sometimes seems to take her for granted. But deep down, he’s very protective of Winry and deeply respects her – though he won’t easily admit it – and expresses that affection through his heroic actions. In the end, an older, wiser Edward mustered up the courage to propose marriage to Winry, and as a true tsundere he disguised it as an alchemy formula, being too restless and stubborn to simply say ” Would you marry me?” or “I love you”. Fortunately, Winry still got the message.

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Bleach’s Uryu Ishida fiercely protects Orihime

Strictly speaking, two of BleachThe main heroes of – protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki and his friend Quincy Uryu Ishida – are beloved tsundere boys, though fans might agree that Uryu is saner about it. While Ichigo tends to fight like a total punk and sometimes taunts his friends, Uryu is a smoother, more balanced tsundere who makes a better impression on others.

At times, Uryu looks more like a kuudere – a cool, aloof character who only shows affection for the right person – but his temper marks him out as a true tsundere. Despite his bookish and disciplined ways, Uryu loses his temper almost as often as Ichigo, especially when teased or his friends are threatened. Uryu also harbors a secret passion for his and Ichigo’s friend Orihime, and quickly becomes nervous and defensive when the subject is brought up.

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Kyo Sohma of Fruits Basket took his time to confess his love

Fruit basket is a famous shojo title that features characters of many -dere types, from the cheerful deredere heroine Tohru Honda to the skillful kuudere Yuki Sohma to the total danderes Ritsu and Kisa Sohma. Then there’s the fierce tsundere Kyo, a boy with many burdens to bear as a cursed house cat.

Kyo is considered a monster and rejected even by the other Sohmas, but he is determined to fight his fate and find true freedom. He may be hot-tempered and stubbornly defensive, but Kyo also has a heart of gold and quickly fell in love with Tohru. Over time, he learned to express his romantic feelings and draw inspiration from them to keep fighting for his destiny – and Tohru supported him until the end.

The third arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure featured Jotaro Kujo, The Tsundere

The first two Jojo The heroes, Jonathan and Joseph, easily expressed their kindness with their actions and speeches, such as Jonathan swearing to defend Erina and Joseph acting like everyone’s buddy. Then there’s the grumpy antihero Jotaro Kujo in the “Stardust Crusaders” story arc, who often gives the wrong impression with his stern silence and cold, dismissive attitude. He’s also not above insulting people.

Jotaro isn’t a truly dark antihero though; he really cares a lot about his family and friends like any shonen star, even though he will never admit it. He traveled the world to defeat DIO and save his mother’s life, and in “Stone Ocean”, the middle-aged Jotaro risked everything to save his only daughter, Jolyne, from the perils of prison life and users. Stand enemies closing in. on her.

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InuYasha’s namesake hero has a real temper

As Bleachthe isekai classic anime title InuYasha features two tsundere heroes who play each other like birds of a feather. The red-robed half-demon InuYasha is one of them. He is a hot-blooded hero who cares deeply for his friends, but also has a reckless side and often has trouble expressing his true feelings openly, which tends to annoy his companions.

Much could also be said of his tsundere archer friend and lover, time traveler Kagome, who has a temper to match InuYasha’s. Their comrades Miroku, Shippo, and Sango have grown accustomed to seeing InuYasha and Kagome butt heads, break heads, then run off and pout in opposite directions before inevitably returning with terse apologies.

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