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Roblox is a popular game creation platform that offers hundreds of games, created by the community, for the community. These games vary wildly in genre, difficulty, and mechanics; which means players can always find a new experience if the games they’ve played become outdated.

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There are many anime games available on Roblox; best suited for gamers who are fans of Roblox and anime series. These anime games vary in art style and even have subgenres mixed in with them, making them well suited for any anime fan who plays. Roblox. Although there are anime games that need to be purchased with Robux play store currency, there are plenty of free options available.

Updated on December 29, 2021 by Mark Sammut: Roblox’s library is so vast that it’s hard to narrow down any selection to the crème de la crème. Anime is well represented on the platform, especially shonen. Along with plenty of crossover games that bring together beloved characters from different worlds, Roblox also has plenty of projects dedicated to specific anime, be it One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, or My Hero Academia. To highlight the quantity and quality offered on the platform, a few other best anime games on Roblox have been added to this article.


12/12 Anime Fighting Simulator: A fun anime-based training game

anime fighting simulator is an anime-based training game with a sleek user interface, crisp graphics, and a fun fighting style that spawns fast-paced, up-close, and personal gameplay.

There’s a grinding element to leveling, with a range of skills players can focus on that all contribute to a character’s combat ability. In addition to skills and stats, there are powers that add new dynamics to gameplay, and a variety of swords gives players the choice of how they want to fight their enemies.

11/12 Chute: Take on the role of an investigative company

This The attack of the Titans The anime fighting game lets players take on the role of Survey Corps as they fight to rid the city of the titular Titans that are constantly invading. Gameplay offers lots of aerial and fast-paced combat in a way that’s unique to most Roblox Games.

The user interface is simplified and combat-focused, which will have a bit of a learning curve for new players. The game is best played cooperatively with others to take down Titans, which is doubly helpful for new players who can get familiar with the mechanics.

10/12 My Hero Mania: A Fun Anime Fighting Game

my hero mania is heavily PVP-focused, pitting players against each other as they all battle to become the world’s strongest hero. Combat is primarily based on the three key binding skills, and the game takes a lot of work as players level up and unlock new items and skills to help them fight.

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my hero mania has a light and fun style with enjoyable fights that can be very quick at times. All stats matter and contribute to a player’s combat potential, and attacks are often energy-based and must be held until the right moment.

9/12 Anime Dimensions Simulator

Anime Dimensions Simulator is an immediately appealing game as it offers anime fans a selection of a few legendary shonen protagonists and then unleashes them onto randomly chosen worlds from popular anime. Currently, there are only a handful of dimensions, though they tend to be quite long and feature a number of challenging boss fights.

The main attraction of this game is to unlock new characters to scale, currently with over 20 options. They all come with unique attacks that are fairly faithful to the source material. The combat is also quite enjoyable, although it can get a bit repetitive after a while.

8/12 Demon Slayer RPG 2: Slay demons or betray humanity

Demon Slayer RPG 2 is based on the demon slayer anime and manga and allows players to choose between slaying demons or betraying humanity in order to gain more power. With a huge map to roam, exploration is a core aspect of this game which adds to the enjoyable combat mechanics.

The mob design is well done, and game progression is rewarding in a way that allows players to constantly grind and level up to more powers and abilities. There are many levels in the anime RPG game that unlock rewarding skills, and there are also demons that are level locked and provide skills as a reward.

7/12 Psycho Infinity: An Animated Reimagining of Mob Infinity

Psycho Infinite is an anime reimagining the popular Roblox Mob Infinity game. With a slick UI, crisp graphical design, and a host of quests and powers to use, it’s sure to keep players hooked. The progression system is long term and offers compelling and worthy rewards.

Psycho Infinite is extremely easy to pick up, with simplified stats and fighting styles similar to many others Roblox anime games. Players coming over from Mob Infinity will feel right at home with this anime version, with a lot of similarities between the two.

6/12 Your Bizarre Adventure: Liberate Your Position

There are some notable JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure games on RobloxNext to JoJo project, Your Bizarre Adventure is arguably the best on the platform. The game pretty much goes through golden wind manga (and anime) arc, so it takes place in Italy. The main attraction of Your Bizarre Adventure is the large roster of stands and fighting styles to unlock, offering plenty of ways to approach combat.

If there is one thing Your Bizarre Adventure goes against it, the game doesn’t provide much direction in its opening sections. Otherwise, the gameplay is fun and the anime nods are endearing or funny.

5/12 AOT: Freedom Awaits: A Fun Reimagining of Attack on Titan

AOT: freedom awaits you is an anime fighting game based on The attack of the Titans. With quick maneuvering abilities and robust combat mechanics, AOAT fans who want fast-paced gameplay will feel right at home with this experience. It leans on elements of the best The attack of the Titans episodes.

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The game has a steeper learning curve than many of the options out there, but it’s compelling and rewarding once the player gets more experienced. The map design is open and clean, and the Titans are better designed than the rest The attack of the Titans games such as Fall.

4/12 Shindo Life: Gather a companion and explore the world together

Shindo life is an anime game that allows players to move and fight with companions. With a wide variety of skills and stats, Shindo life is a Roblox experience that has a bit more meat on its bones than other choices. The variety of colors is nice to look at and the graphics are decent.

The map is packed with plenty of items to discover, and players can run or fly around the map. These options make traversing a fun part of Shindo lifeand the combat is varied enough to never feel stale.

3/12 Bleach New Hope Remastered: A Great Open-World Anime Game

Bleach New Hope Remastered is an open-world RPG based on the Bleach anime and manga, with lots of skills, stats and monsters. It has an extensive open world map and allows PVP combat. There are a large number of character customization options available, allowing players to feel a greater sense of identity in-game.

The map shows several locations of the Bleach universe, making it ideal for fans of this anime series. Crowd designs are varied and feel comfortable in the Bleach universe.

2/12 Revenge Kaisen: A fighting game based on Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen Domains is a Roblox anime based simulation game Jujutsu Kaisen. There are lots of quests to earn experience points and money, with lots of stats that contribute to overall character development and the game is reminiscent of Japanese anime games.

Avatars can be customized using the Roblox catalog, and players can choose between teams depending on the Jujutsu Kaisen lively show. The game has maps dedicated to PVP, allowing players to battle together to see who the base fighter is.

1/12 Naruto, Shinobi B: Experience of becoming a Shinobi

Naruto, Shinobi B is an excellent anime game with RPG based on the popular naruto animated series. Well suited for low-end devices, this game features decent animations and a well-filled and interesting map environment.

The graphic design is elegant and the user interface is streamlined to be as simple as possible. The game features Naruto’s iconic run, which meme lovers and naruto lovers will recognize. The combat is quite easy to pick up which makes this game well suited for anyone Roblox players, including beginners, to master.

Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

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