Best Family Animated Movies To Watch This Holiday Season


It’s the holiday season, and no matter what you’re celebrating, this time of year is filled with time spent with your loved ones. You might think that this means more time to watch movies, but families come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not always easy to find content that is enjoyable for everyone and suitable for everyone. ages. Luckily, the anime world has quite a few options for those of us looking for some fun cartoons to watch as a family during holiday break times – here are a few ideas along those lines. .

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If you’re looking for action, Studio Trigger’s 2019 hit Promare is sure to scratch your itch. In a future where some people have developed pyrokinetic superpowers, the lives of those with fiery powers – known as “Burnish” – are difficult. Between the normal people who don’t feel safe around them and the government that suppresses even the most peaceful of Burnish, discrimination against them is rampant. That’s where the world is when our two protagonists – a robot firefighter named Galo and a particularly stubborn Burnish named Lio – meet. The two become unlikely allies as they work together to uncover the secrets of the world around them, making their way to a more just and loving world, one elegant battle at a time.

From the director Hiroyuki Imaishi, who helped found Trigger and led fan favorite projects like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill the kill, as well as writer Kazuki Nakashima who also wrote these shows, Promare is a distillation of Trigger’s energy and ethics into two fiery hours, without some of the riskiest imagery Imaishi sometimes plays with. It’s an intense and exciting time from start to finish, so it’s guaranteed to be entertained. The plot is perfectly straightforward, so if you’re just looking for a breeze moment that’s great, but there’s plenty of themed subtext to dig into as well. Whether you’re a kid looking for hot-blooded robot fights or an adult looking for a well-written, socially conscious storyline, Promare has something for everyone.


Words bubble like soda

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On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a similar flair but a more low-key vibe, look no further than Words bubble like soda. A simple yet adorable film, it follows “Cherry,” an aspiring poet who is embarrassed by his own voice, and “Smile,” a popular online streamer and influencer with a complex about his see-saws. The two teenagers are ironically ashamed of the very things that exemplify their talents, and an accidental confusion involving their phones brings them together and ultimately sets them on a mission to uncover a piece of history for the city they live in. The creative spirits of the two are playfully expressed in the visual language of the film, as the small town and mall they love are painted the same color and life that its people bring to it. Along the way, their appreciation for each other and the world around them helps them appreciate each other, and a heartwarming romance forms between the two.

Words bubble like soda comes from the spirit of the anime pillar Dai sato, whose work can be found in shows ranging from episodes of choice to Cowboy Bebop to his role as a series composition in the elegant romance mecha, Eureka Seven. It is hosted by the director, Kyohei Ishiguro, who shows his background in directing down-to-earth romantic dramas from his very first television directorial role focusing on classical music, Your lie in April. And as if that weren’t enough, the film’s playful universe comes to life with a catchy, pop soundtrack composed by the Kensuke Ushio, whose music can also be heard in works ranging from melancholy A silent voice to the crazy energy of Devilman crybaby. Words bubble like soda perfectly captures the feeling of being a goofy, loving teenager in various transitional states, and its focus on embracing the benefits of modern technology while celebrating the wonders the past still holds in store is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. .

Summer wars

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Finally, if you spend time with your family during the holidays, Mamoru hosodathe celebration of family ties in Summer wars cannot be missed. Located in the near future that almost resembles our current reality, Summer wars is about Kenji, a nerdy kid who masquerades as the boyfriend of a popular girl, Natsuki, over a fateful summer weekend. Natsuki’s family have a big reunion for the 90th birthday of their matriarch, Natsuki’s great-grandmother, Sakae. Kenji’s job is simply to pose as Natsuki so that she doesn’t disappoint her grandmother; Natsuki wants her aging great-grandmother to see her granddaughter lead a normal and traditionally productive life. Along with the family reunion, however, there are trouble brewing on the internet, the OZ metaverse that will eventually wreak havoc around the world – and more importantly, risks spoiling the rear’s birthday. -grandmother- and Kenji will have to figure out how to get Natsuki’s family to work together to save the day.

Director Mamoru Hosoda hardly needs an introduction – the Wolf Children and The girl who jumped in time the director has also dipped his toes into huge franchise movies for shows like A piece and Digimon, after all. In fact, if you’ve ever seen her Digimon movie Our war game! – or parts of it used in what became the American merger of Digimon: the movie. Summer wars is, in many ways, a reworking of that idea, with the Digimon traps sanded and replaced by Hosoda’s years of experience between projects. All of this to say that Hosoda is a gifted director at creating family films with the creativity and intelligence to entertain even the most cynical of the bunch. Combine that with a catchy script from his frequent collaborator Satoko Okudera and stunning CG visuals from the studio Digital border to create the animated digital world of OZ, and you have a perfect recipe for family fun while on vacation.

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