Best Netflix animated series and movies to discover the classics


The last few years have seen a surprising art form become a major source of inspiration for fashion brands, musicians and filmmakers: anime. Once so maligned that you couldn’t even pick up a dubbed VHS without knowing someone who knew someone, anime has now become one of the most influential genres in the world.

Proliferating in its native Japan because it’s an affordable way to show off the spectacle, anime is an art form of endless complexity: even the cheapest and cheesiest things are filled of specific artistic ideas, terminologies, and processes that were born from the conventions of decades of anime and, at times, centuries of Japanese artistic tradition.

So maybe – just maybe! – you start wondering if the anime is worth watching. But you might also be a little disappointed: after all, the anime reached most people via Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z Where Sailor Moonbrilliant shows in their own right but are the anime equivalent of big cinema blockbusters or Saturday morning cartoons.

This is where we can step in to give you some help. Great shounen anime such as dragonball, naruto Where A play – essentially serialized adventures for young boys – have long been daunting (and filled with “filler arcs” so the manga can go far enough for the anime release schedule). But there are tons of smaller, more quirky shows that have become iconic cultural artifacts for reasons you might relate more to as a fledgling weeb. Many classics are still hard to find online, but Netflix is ​​starting to step up its game and get some of the big names — and some weird and interesting alternatives — onto its streaming service.

So below we have picked out some of the best animations from Netflix. From some of the country’s biggest movies to some of its most influential surreal limited series, this list will make an otaku out of anyone.

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