Best upcoming anime games 2019 to have on your radar


Best upcoming anime games of 2019

Kill la Kill: the game

If there is anything to get you excited about the Kill la Kill game, it’s the remarkable job Arc System Works has done with Dragon Ball FighterZ. The studio clearly has a knack for adapting anime into video games, and Kill la Kill takes much the same approach as FighterZ, albeit playing it differently.

Kill la Kill: The Game is an arena fighter with simple controls, letting you unleash massive combos with easy button presses. Gorgeous cel-shaded art style makes Kill la Kill look almost exactly like its anime counterpart and adds a serious visual touch to the character’s mad attacks.

Arc System Works has an increasingly stellar track record, and Kill la Kill looks like it could be another awesome adaptation from them. With smooth animation, over-the-top action, and easy-to-use combos, by all indications, this could be another fun fighting game.

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