Bestars Season 3 Renewed And Confirmed As The Last Of The Hit Anime Series


Popular anime “Beastars” will reach its TV conclusion with season 3, but when could the series return to Netflix?

Beastars is one of the most ingenious, controversial and captivating anime series of recent years – at least in mainstream media.

Still, Season 2 exceeded all expectations we had for the series when the anime made its triumphant return in July 2021.

However, when one door closes, another opens; with fans around the world desperate to know what the future holds for Legoshi and the cohort at Cherryton Academy.

This was recently underscored by the news that Beastars season 3 will be the series finale, but when might it be released?

BEASTARS Season 2 | Official trailer | netflix

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BEASTARS Season 2 | Official trailer | netflix





AT Beastars renewed for season 3?

Good news for Beastars fans, Studio Orange has officially renewed the hit anime series for Season 3.

While Beastars is labeled as a Netflix original anime series, the platform only buys the international streaming rights – meaning any renewal decisions are made by Studio Orange and Japanese streaming partners.

Fortunately, the studio wasted no time in taking advantage of the hype surrounding the series, officially renew Beastars for Season 3 on July 20.

Although few fans are too surprised by the return to Cherryton Academy, thanks to the worldwide popularity of Beastars and the availability of source material.

Netflix does not publish official viewership statistics, but it is obvious how popular anthropomorphic anime is around the world: with a score of 7.9/10 on MyListAnime through 140,000 amazing reviews!

There is also plenty of source material from the manga series left to adapt to other anime seasons, which can often be the deciding factor in series renewals.

According to reportsseason 2 ended around chapter 99 of the series, the beginning of volume 12. Fortunately, 196 chapters spread over 22 volumes have now been publishedwhich means that there is still a lot of source material to adapt.

When could season 3 of Beastars be released?

Unfortunately, the release date of Beastars season 3 has not been revealed alongside the renewal announcement in July 2021.

However, assuming Season 3 will see a similar production schedule as previous installments, fans should expect Beastars to return in April 2022.

Fans should note that this correlates to the start of the Spring 2022 anime slate, but this would only apply to Japanese broadcasters, who premiere the series first before it hits Netflix. .

The streaming giant released new Beastars seasons between three and four months after the domestic finale – meaning the anime likely won’t return to Netflix until September 2022.

Interestingly, some new information has recently come to light that is sure to stir the seasonal pot – with the third season of Beastars being the series’ final TV appearance!

Season 3 will be the series finale…

Unfortunately, fans of the Beastars series will be disappointed to learn that the anime’s third season will be its last.

On December 7, the official Orange Anime Studio Twitter page share the new logo for the third show, which is simply titled “Final Season”.

However, there is a bit of confusion in the community as many expected there to be a fourth season thereafter. It was because of the pacing of the manga; as previously stated, there is about half of the original script left to adapt.

At an early prediction, the third season of Beastars might consist of 24 episodes, instead of the 12 that previous seasons had. This would allow the remaining anime episodes to fully adapt the remaining manga chapters.

It’s also worth noting that if the third TV show doesn’t wrap up the original storyline, we might see a feature film being produced – as is the recent trend in the anime industry.

A little throwback to season 2…

Let’s get something out of the way first, there are some scenes in Season 2 that are still uncomfortable to watch.

Granted, there will be plenty of people who don’t see anything wrong with some of the cross-spec portrayals, but I’d say the majority of fans still aren’t 100% comfortable watching specific parts. However, once you put that aside, it’s only praise for Beastars Season 2.

The pacing is solid, the fantastic music lingers on, the animation is still gorgeous, and the voice acting remains top-notch. However, the stars of the show, those on stage in the bright lights (even the real “Beastars” themselves) were in this season…all of the supporting characters.

The world felt more alive, the characters felt more fleshed out (pardon the puns), and the micro-decisions characters made in their personal lives now carried weight.

Season 1 was all about Legoshi, Louis, and Haru; and there was nothing wrong with that. Still, going into a sequel season, the variety of other characters and their importance to the larger narrative made everything more enjoyable.

From Riz’s new villain to finding out more about Juno, to the other drama club members and Ibuki – the supporting characters are why Season 2 is arguably the best season to watch.

All in all, another fantastic addition to Netflix’s already vast library of animated content, and a series that’s on its way to becoming a modern classic.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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