Black Lotus trailer reveals new anime series coming to Adult Swim this fall


A new trailer has been released for Blade Runner: Black Lotus. The series, which will air on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and social media site Crunchyroll, will take place after the original film but before the sequel. Blade Runner 2049He will follow a female android, or replicant, in 2032 in Los Angeles, who recently discovered her gifts.

Unlike the Blade Runner movies, this edition at Blade runnerthe franchise will be lively. Jessica Henwick will play the protagonist of the Elle series, following in the footsteps of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling respectively. Barkhad Abdi, Wes Bentley, Brian Cox, Henry Czerny, Josh Duhamel, Shinshû Fuji, Takaya Hashi and Gregg Henry will also lend their voices to the production.


The trailer itself gives audiences a glimpse into Elle’s story, as well as a glimpse into how the make-believe world of Blade Runner translates into animated form. There is a Japanese theme defined in the series so far, with oriental writing and anime style seen during the trailer. Elle’s weapon of choice is also depicted in the form of a Katana, the sword of a traditional samurai warrior.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Poster

The Blade Runner animated series is directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama, with production from Sola Digital Arts and Alcon Entertainment. Shinichiro Watanabe will also serve as a creative producer. Its release is slated for fall (fall) in the US, while UK and international release has yet to be confirmed. Social networking site Crunchyroll previously streamed the short film. Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 in September 2017, and will work with Adult Swim to distribute this new series.

In an interview with Adult Swim, co-director Kenji Kamiyama said, “There is an incident called ‘the blackout’ which is not shown in the movies. It is an incident where all public data from the world are lost. This story begins shortly thereafter. Director Aramaki and I have already made two animation series together. His company, Sola Digital Arts, has been doing 3D animation for some time, so the staff and The studio’s system setup are well seasoned and ready to make a 3D animated series. I think the time was right. ”

“This timing allows us to make an addition to a great franchise like Blade runnerusing our animation. We felt it was good luck for us. I think I was still a teenager when I first watched Blade runnermovie. His cinematic expressiveness had a huge impact on me, and I was not alone. I think pretty much everyone in Japan at the time who was animating or directing films at the time was probably influenced by that. ”

“The way it was science fiction, but also harsh, we’ve never seen an interpretation of the world like this before. It’s a way of expressing things that really demonstrated the idea that A picture is worth a thousand words”. taught us a lot, it was really almost like a bible to us. It was also surprising to see so much Japanese writing in an English speaking place like Los Angeles, the way Japanese culture seemed to have melted into theirs to some extent. ”

The first official trailer for Blade Runner: Black Lotus was unveiled over the weekend at the big Comic-Con @ Home event which took place for the second year as the pandemic spreads. Comic-Con will host a live event in November, where more Blade Runner: Black Lotus should be present.

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