Fans are loving the new animated film, Bubble for its amazing animation and great story. So, if you’re wondering about the studio’s other films, here’s the list of Wit Studio’s best animated films to date. Netflix’s new animated film by Wit Studio, Bubble has been released internationally. Fans around theRead More →

In the world of animated films, Studio Ghibli stands out as the most well-known and beloved powerhouse of Japanese animation. Films produced by Ghibli staff, especially works by legendary studio founder Hayao Miyazaki, invoke a heartwarming and nostalgic feeling in audiences. Their soothing, magical vibe and heartfelt yet thoughtful storytellingRead More →

When people talk about “good animated movies,” what most often comes to mind is Studio Ghibli, and rightly so. In its 36 years of existence, this studio has produced many visually stunning and intellectually compelling films that have become some of the best anime of all time, as well asRead More →

Toho Co., Ltd. The combination of romance and anime has been a much-loved art form for several decades now. With different animation styles and unique stories and genres, romantic anime films have become extremely popular and are among the most acclaimed films in the anime world. With each anime movieRead More →

Animated movies have always been popular, but in the years leading up to 2022, they’re at an all-time high. Many anime companies are gearing up to make feature films in the near future, especially in light of recent hits like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Which onesRead More →

Opening day collection The world of anime is divided into two popular categories, TV series and movies. Luckily for us, Japan always offers the best of both worlds. With 4 months already passed this year, few good anime movies have been released while many movies released last year continue toRead More →

These days, anime fans watch anime series like there’s no tomorrow. Some people enjoy traditional anime genres, while others enjoy different anime. With that in mind, the anime community is keeping tabs on the emerging genre of BL anime. In case you missed our list of the best BL animeRead More →

If there’s one thing that’s almost universally agreed upon when it comes to anime, it’s that live-action adaptations are (almost) always bad. The critical panorama of Netflix live action cowboy bebop last year only serves to back up that claim. This doesn’t just apply to Americans, as almost all ofRead More →

Everyone has their own opinion about a movie. Opinions on characters, cinematography, animation style, and plots are all subjective. This is especially true when it comes to the judgment of critics and the feelings expressed by moviegoers. RELATED: The 10 Best Animated Movies Of The Decade, According To Rotten TomatoesRead More →

Since its inception in the late 1990s, Mamoru Hosoda has been one of the most exciting anime creators. Before making the leap to the director’s chair, Hosoda was the key host of series like Dragon Ball Z and slam dunk, as well as some films such as Sailor Moon SuperRead More →

(Photo by Aniplex / courtesy Everett Collection) We rank all the animated films released in 2021 that received enough reviews for a Tomatometer score, including films from series that made headlines at the U.S. box office (Demon slayer, My hero university), new entries in legendary franchises (sailor moon, evangelization, Gundam),Read More →

Originating in Japan, anime is a specific style of animation that is gaining popularity around the world. The genre has spawned its own culture of dedicated fans, creating some of the most recognizable franchises in the world. Pokemon, for example, is the world’s most lucrative media franchise, beating both StarRead More →

NOTE: Animax (Movie max) does NOT contain or for streaming/watching full Movies/TV Shows or Anime & Manga. It is a tracking client, which supports almost all media types, powered by Anilist and TMDB Animax (Movies Max) works as a movie wiki, where you find information about movies/tv/anime/manga before going toRead More →

The hype can easily ruin movies by pushing audience expectations to unrealistic levels. Fortunately, these films were able to deliver and then some. Over the years, animated films have become more and more popular. From films based on an existing animated series to original feature films such as the worksRead More →

Sports anime has been around for a long time, helping fans keep the excitement reached in stadiums on their gadget screens. Movies like Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis are classics hard to forget. In recent years, the popularity of sports cartoons has increased, with a handful of such filmsRead More →

The hugely successful animated film from director Makoto Shinkai, your name swept the world after its release in 2016. Breaking box office records in Japan and abroad, it quickly became one of the highest-grossing animated films ever produced, thanks in large part to its visuals spectacular, its sustained rhythm andRead More →

What could be better than a feature film that develops the story of your favorite anime? What would you say six feature films that do precisely that? The famous “principal princess”, who Kotaku called one of the best animated series of summer 2017, has now entered the animated film set,Read More →

If you’re a fan of the good ol ‘Bollywood movies, there’s a good chance you’re irrevocably in love with the tropes we’ve been seeing for years. Weird twists, thrilling twists, convoluted love stories, and more. However, if you don’t know what to watch next, Anime is a great follow-up forRead More →