Crunchyroll announces nearly 30 animated series for fall


Crunchyroll, the global anime brand, today announces nearly 30 series as part of the upcoming anime season, including End Platinum, Crunchyroll and Adult Swim original series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, SAKUGAN and the Crunchyroll Original series Elevated Guardian Spice – plus returning favorites and two short films joining the Crunchyroll catalog.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus | Fena: pirate princess | End Platinum

Some of the highly anticipated new titles include:

  • Blade Runner: Black Lotus – An Original Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Set in Los Angeles 2032, a new story in the Blade runner the universe is revealed. [Trailer]
  • Fena: pirate princess – In this original Crunchyroll and Adult Swim series, an orphan escapes to the high seas and takes her place as captain of a pirate crew on a captivating adventure! [Trailer]
  • End Platinum – Creators of Death threat, a young boy must fight against 12 other humans to become the next god of the world! [Trailer]
Restaurant to another world 2 |  SAKUGAN |  Elevated Guardian Spice

Restaurant to another world 2 | SAKUGAN | Elevated Guardian Spice

  • Restaurant to another world 2 – The Western Restaurant Nekoya welcomes you for another dish! [Trailer]
  • SAKUGAN – A father and his daughter team up to pilot their powerful robot to fight monsters and explore the mysteries of the “Labyrinth”! [Trailer]
  • Elevated Guardian Spice – In this Crunchyroll Original series from creator Raye Rodriguez, four fierce girls join the High Guardian Academy to become heroes and protect the world from unknown threats! [Trailer]
86 EIGHTY-SIX |  Alternative Muv-Luv |  takt op Destiny

86 EIGHTY-SIX | Muv-Luv Alternative | takt op Destiny

New simulcast series heading to Crunchyroll this fall include:

  • 86 EIGHTY-SIX – The battles of Lena and the Eighty-Six continue as they attempt to find refuge in Season 2.
  • Muv-Luv Alternative – Muv-Luv’s story continues as tactical surface fighters continue the fight against the alien species BETA.
  • takt op Destiny – Magic users named Conductors team up with magic girls and use classical music to defeat the monsters that are invading Earth!
The Distant Paladin |  The fruit of evolution |  The night beyond the tricorn window

The Distant Paladin | The fruit of evolution | The night beyond the tricorn window

  • The distant Paladin – A young child raised by three undead ventures to learn more about the world and become a famous Paladin.
  • The fruit of evolution: before I knew it my life had done it – After eating the Fruits of Evolution, the life of a high school student and a gorilla will change forever!
  • The night beyond the tricorn window – A bookstore clerk who can see ghosts teams up with an exorcist to solve strange mysteries they encounter.
  • The world’s best assassin reincarnates in another world as an aristocrat – A legendary assassin reincarnates in another world, using his modern knowledge to become an even greater soldier!
  • Harem at the end of the worldHarem at the end of the world is based on the manga of the same name by Link and Kotaro Shono which began serialization in 2016 on Shonen Jump +.
  • Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess – The Second Act – The sequel to the famous feudal tale continues in Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess – The Second Act!
Boruto: The Next Generations of Naruto |  Case closed |  Dragon Quest: Dai's Adventure

Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto | Case closed | Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure

Returning streaming favorites soon include:

  • Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto – Boruto continues his adventures to become the ultimate ninja with Team 7 and all your favorite ninjas from Hidden Leaf Village!
  • Case closed – Teenage detective Ace Shinichi Kudo solves cases after being trapped in the body of a 10-year-old.
  • Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure – Based on the classic Dragon Quest of the series, follow Dai and his group on their journey to defeat the demon lord Hadlar!
  • Kiyo to Kyoto: From Maiko House – Two girls pursue their dreams in the ancient capital in this slice of life healing anime about a budding maiko and the head of the house!
  • Aquatope on white sand – A former idol travels to Okinawa and finds new life by helping a struggling aquarium shut down.
  • The Grand Jahy will not be defeated! – After the fall of the Dark Kingdom and the defeat of the Grand Jahy, she must survive in the human world and in a one-room apartment!
  • Tropical-Red! nice remedy – A brand new PreCure series is on Crunchyroll, and now it’s time to get tropical!
  • A play – Luffy and the Straw Hats continue their adventures in Wano and fight the mighty Emperors!
The Grand Jahy will not be defeated |  Tropical-Red!  Pretty cure |  A play

The Grand Jahy will not be defeated | Tropical-Red! nice remedy | A play

And the two shorts joining the streamer’s offerings are:

  • DOUKICHAN GANBAR – From the creator of Miru tights comes a new anime about three colleagues and their daily lives.
  • Tawawa on Monday – An employee and a high school student become friends while they take the train together every Monday.

Crunchyroll serves a global community of over 5 million subscribers and 120 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories. This latest list of series will complement Crunchyroll’s existing library of over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes, available to stream now.

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