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The first game based on the hit anime Demon Slayer won’t be released until October. There are a plethora of great anime-based games out there to help kill the wait.

The American and European release of the first Demon slayer Game, Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Chronicles of Hinokami, was recently announced by SEGA. The bad news is that Western fans will have to wait until October for it, even though it’s already released in Japan. The good news is that Demon slayer fans who haven’t already done so can take this opportunity to explore the vast world of anime games while they wait.

As the anime enjoys increasing international popularity, more and more games based on these properties have secured international releases and titles based on long-running shounen series like A play, Dragon ball, and Naruto benefited from more frequent entries – another new A play game is already widespread. The main shounen of the last decade such as My hero university and The attack of the Titans have also released one or more games, and it seems likely that Demon slayer will follow suit.

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Like the anime they’re based on, most of these titles focus on combat, and the Demon slayer game promises to follow this trend. But combat in an anime game can take a surprising number of forms, so here are some highlights. Jump force is a notable absence here, because while it deserves a nod for merging characters from franchises as disparate as Hunter x hunter and Death threat (and that, combined with its visual appeal, may be worth it for some), its gameplay has enough issues that calling it “super” is a matter of debate.

Great Anime Games: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Special

Pirate warriors puts Koei Tecmo’s musou beat-em-ups in the world of A play, with delicious and cathartic results. Pirate Warriors 4 is the most recent and arguably best iteration of the series, offering the most detailed maps and an updated character roster (at least a third of whom are female). His interpretation of the fight with A playDevil Fruit’s many bizarre powers are largely effective thanks to its overblown nature. There’s a good reason IP was responsible for the best-selling manga in Japan for decades – until Demon slayer came up with.

Great Anime Games: Attack on Titan 2

The international popularity of The attack of the Titans Made him ripe for playing video games. Attack on Titan 2 deepens the history of the series while offering gameplay improvements over its predecessor. Simply navigating through titans and environments using vertical maneuvering gear like a steampunk Spiderman alone is worth the price of entry, but targeting and slicing a titan’s neck in battle is also very satisfying. .

Great Anime Games: Dragon ball fighterz

Dragon Ball FighterZ Xbox

Dragon ball fighterz is the highest rated game on this list, scoring 87 on Metacritic. While Dragon ball itself may not currently have the popularity that Demon slayer enjoy, it’s been an anime staple for decades, and Dragon ball fighterz does the show justice. It was developed by Arc System Works, the company behind the Guilty equipment series, and the studio has leveraged their technical prowess to create a fighting game that looks almost as much like an anime as it does a game.. Dragon ball fighterz is a 2D fighter with rich 3D graphics, and is therefore more in the vein of Guilty equipment Where street fighter, but it’s also a top-notch fighting game, even outside of the context of its beloved IP.

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Great Anime Games: Steins; Gate Elite

Image of Steins; Gate

For those who are intrigued by Demon slayer not for his struggle, but for the existence of darker themes in his story, Steins; Gate Elite can be interesting. Unlike other games on this list, Steins; Gate Elite is a visual novel. He tells how even seemingly harmless forays into time travel can have huge consequences. Steins; Gate started out as a game, turned into an anime, then Elite adopted the style of the anime. There’s no fighting adrenaline rush here, but still a lot of heartbreaking tension. The same developer has also started working on a game for Laid-Back Camp.

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Chronicles of Hinokami crown an amazing year for Demon slayer, who also saw the western release of his first film, Mugen train. In the meantime, there are plenty of games to keep anime fans busy until The Chronicles of Hinokami releases October 15th.

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