First-Look Images, Synopsis, and More From the Outstanding Anime Series


To confirm that Seven Deadly Sins: The Edinburgh Grudge part 1 is an original we can expect to see in December 2023 to reveal Junji Ito, the famous horror manga artist, has an ongoing series, anime fans are blown away by what Netflix Geeked Week announced to be on the way to the future – specifically, by an anime called Exception.

Ever since the series was announced last year, fans have been anticipating the details of this title, mostly because this original is the first horror anime we’ve received in a while. Fortunately, we have the inside scoop.

Below, you’ll find everything we know and have received about the anime so far, including first look images and more. Check it out below!

Outstanding first look images

netflix hooked us with some stunning visuals of this anime. Even if we will have to wait a little longer to know the context of these photos, we do not have to wait to analyze what we have received.

Here are some first images from the upcoming Netflix animated series, Exception.

Exception – Cr. netflix

(A planet and a mysterious floating object or creature passing by. We wonder if one of these things influences the other.)

Exception – Cr. netflix

(Again with the planet! Maybe this is really part of the anime’s story. Could this be the planet the individual in the picture is heading to? Or is it a planet that everything the world is trying to avoid?)

Exception – Cr. netflix

(Maybe it’s the inside of the spaceship. Could that spherical object in the middle be the key to survival? Also, are the people standing in front of the device friends or foes?)

Exception – Cr. netflix

(A close-up of a character from the previous image or a completely different character. Anyway, who are they? What is their purpose?)

Summary of exceptions

Our speculations seem to be quite on par with what the story of this anime entails. However, we are overwhelmed by what awaits us for this title!

The official synopsis of Exception is right here:

In the distant future, humanity has been forced to leave Earth and migrate to another galaxy. A spaceship is sent to a planet to terraform it and the crew is created one by one by a biological 3D printer. However, a fatal error occurs when creating one of the members. The crew then begins to encounter a series of unpredictable events.

In addition to this blurb, the anime is described as a “terrifying space horror” from the mind of Find the blood! author Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi), who is the author of this series, Yoshitaka Amano, is our character designer, and Hunter X HunterYuzo Sato will direct the title.

Exceptional Release Updates

Today, the upcoming Netflix anime series has yet to receive an official release date. However, it is said that Exception will be presented later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the planned horror anime series, Exception.

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