Groundbreaking Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting an anime series in Summer 2022, Digital News


Pokémon Legends: Arceus is arguably the Pokémon game that best brings the world of pocket monsters to life so far. Players travel the world in search of Pokémon in a manner similar to action RPGs, which makes the game world more expansive and immersive.

It’s tempting to imagine what a Pokemon anime set in the game’s Sinnoh region would look like. of the proven game and anime formula.

Thus, it’s not entirely a surprise that Pokémon Legends: Arceus is being adapted into a web anime. Although information surrounding the project is sparse, according to the announcementthe show is slated for release in early summer 2022. The series will be produced by WIT Studio, which also worked on the acclaimed series, Attack on Titan.

Currently, as far as visuals go, there is only one teaser image for the series available. It shows a trainer in a snowy forest looking back, and the shadow of a Hisuian Zorua is cast on the snow. The image is rather evocative and hints at a potential atmospheric direction for the show.

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