Here are 12 of the most anticipated anime movies and series coming out next year.


From the last seasons of Fruit Baskets and black clover at the premiere of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, the past year has seen some defining moments in the world of anime. Several series ended in spectacular fashion with more finals on the horizon.

But it’s not all about ends. New exciting shows and movies are heading in that direction. Here are 12 of the most tantalizing projects headed to screens big and small.

2022 will be a year of heartbreaking moments in anime

1) Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 2

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is truly going to be TV’s greatest season

The attack of the Titans has been a massive crossover hit since its arrival, but now it’s coming to an end. How will the saga wrap its loose threads? Will we finally have an answer on whether Eren Yeager is a hero or a villain?

There are a lot of questions fans want answered, which means this season is bound to be full of action and drama. Season 4 part 2 begins in January 2022.

2) Fruit Baskets: Prelude

INFO| Faith revealed or design dos personagens do spin-off “Kyoko to Katsuya no Monogatari”, chamado também of “Fruits Baskets -Prelude-“.[📍] Estreia simultaneously our Japanese cinemas and in Blu-ray format no dia February 18, 2022.

Yes, fruit baskets ended in 2021, but that doesn’t mean the saga is over just yet. On February 18, 2022, the prequel to the series, Prelude, hits theaters. It’s an adaptation of The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya, all about the main man’s parents, Tohru, and how they fell in love.

It seems to depict Kyoko’s beginnings, as she leaves behind her checkered past. And if that wasn’t enough, the film would include new elements after the series finale.

3) Black Clover

Hey there, Asta has something for you![via Black Clover]

Another series that (supposedly) ended in 2021, black clover presents a feature film in 2022. The hit anime was released with a dynamite cliffhanger, which means the film is likely to blow people away with some twists.

Although the release date is TBA, it is sure to dominate screens around the world. It could be the biggest animated film of the year.

4) Komi can’t communicate season 2

Anime: Komi Can’t Communicate will be entitled to a second season in April 2022!

Komi can’t communicate is a long look at social anxiety in the context of high school. On the surface, Komi Shouko seems distant and stuck up, as she doesn’t communicate with her classmates.

But new kid Tadano knows the truth: Komi is just too shy to talk to anyone else. Now he’s trying to break Komi out of his shell and realize his full potential.

Season 2 will depict Komi’s journey. It will arrive on Netflix in April 2022.

5) Spy x Family

Twilight, Yor and their adopted daughter Anya are all hiding dark secrets from the world and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Twilight is a Cold War spy who must start a family in order to sneak up on a target.

So he hires Yor to play the role of devoted wife while secretly leading the clandestine life of an assassin. Anya, who is telepathic, knows her parents’ alter egos and is excited to play along.

Now, audiences can see the trio come together as a real family to continue playing spy games and survive. It will hit screens in April 2022.

6) My Hero Academia Season 6

In the latest season of the hit anime, the fearsome Meta Liberation Front and the infamous League of Villains have joined forces to form the Paranormal Liberation Front!

Now that All Might has gifted him with an epic oddity, it’s up to Izuku Midoriya and the gang to stop the PNF in what promises to be anime’s most action-packed event.

My Hero Academia Season 6 takes off in the fall of 2022.

7) Bleach: The Bloody Thousand Year War

I randomly woke up at 7am and now the Bleach announcement had me FERALI was OBSESSED with this series, I tell you. OBSESSED! Before KinglyRed, my username on the internet was KingIchigo.GOD I can’t wait to see the animated Thousand Year Blood War arc!

The last chapters of BleachThe epic 15-year run may have divided readers, but fans of the anime have even less. The series was cut short due to its cancellation and couldn’t even complete the final story arcs.

Well, don’t worry, Bleach Fans! Bloody Thousand Year War will air on TV starting in October 2022. Since the anime will have more time to plan the conclusion, there’s a chance the final arc won’t feel as slap-dash.

8) The Devil is Part-Time Season 2

The devil is part-time! Season 2 – OFFICIAL ANIME TRAILER! | English subtitle

Good things come to those who wait, and fans of The devil is part time have waited long enough for Season 2. But after nearly 10 years, they can finally breathe easy.

The hilarious comedy anime is back and still looks awesome. The Devil King – MgRonald’s favorite pinball burger – still works in fast food to support his out-of-time gang. Fans will be able to follow the high jinks of Devil King, Maou, Ashiya, Emilia and the others from July 2022.

9) Orient

Orient follows Musashi, a defiant teenager living under the brutal rule of a horde of demons. He and his best friend Kojiro dream of one day being the greatest fighters in the world to lead the revolt against their demon lords.

But as they get older, they lose the passion and the fire that drove them. Now the two are looking to make their way into mainstream society. 150 years of demonic rule, however, has come to a breaking point and Musashi just might see his dream come true. The public can watch Musashi’s journey on January 5, 2022.

10) Dragon Ball Super Heroes

Apertura 2 of DRAGON BALL SÚPERLímite break x survivor. 🙂

The second in the Dragon Ball Super line and 21st overall in the franchise, the film brings the classic back to the masses! In the latest installment, the newly reformed Red Ribbon Gang is back and stronger than ever. The Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids seek revenge and Goku is the target. The film will hit screens in April 2022.

11) Chainsaw Man

The hit manga Chainsaw Man finally gets a highly anticipated anime adaptation in 2022! In an alternate historical version from 1997, Denji is recruited by the Public Safety Division to become a government Devil Hunter. Heartbreaking events in his past lead him to take on an evil form as the Chainsaw Man, a mighty warrior.

Denji takes on Devils, Fiends, Hybrids, the Yakuza, and even the Soviet Union in what promises to be an action-packed anime blockbuster. The release date is TBA.

12) One-piece film: red

Leaked first character sketches for “One Piece Film Red”:

Release scheduled for August 6, 2022, One Piece Movie: Red is the 15th film in the epic anime franchise and the first to have mangaka Eiichiro Oda on hand the entire time. There is not much information about the plot yet.

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