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Jump Force has made it clear that fans can’t get enough of crossover anime games. Although he failed to achieve the goal by earning a place in the competitive scene of the fighting game community, Jump force has captured the hearts of casual gamers and anime fans. Its massive original roster of anime characters and even more impressive roster of DLC characters made it a sure-fire achievement.

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For fans who are simply jumping on the anime crossover game hype train, you should know that these games are nothing new. There is a long list of games for mobiles and consoles that feature anime-style artwork and popular Shonen crossovers. Even PUBG has joined the hype by pulling their own anime crossover from Jujutsu kaisen!

ten Jump Force brings triple-A anime content to the fighting game genre

The anime game that had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats before its release has one of the best anime character castings ever seen in a video game. The release trailer featured clean photorealistic fight sequences that showed a diverse cast of characters from Dragon ball, Naruto, and A play.

While the game did falter a bit when it was released, it has gained momentum with each DLC it has abandoned. With each update, Jump force offers players more and more characters from the Shonen Jump catalog. Hopefully game developers can learn from Jump Force and continue to offer animated triple A crossover games.

9 J-Stars Victory Vs. + sets the stage for Jump Force

J-Star Video Game _ Anime Crossover Fighter

J-Stars Victory Vs. is the spiritual predecessor of Jump force which slipped by the general public due to its original release limited to the country of Japan. Even when J-Stars released internationally the following year, most players overlooked the anime brawler.

This does not mean J-Stars lacks good anime content, however. In fact, organizing a fight between Naruto and Luffy was just as fun in 2015 as it was in 2021.

8 The Alchemist Code brings anime crossovers from outside the Shonen Jump catalog to mobile gamers

The alchemist code mobile game

The alchemist’s code is a mobile gacha game that uses cartoon-based sprites to draw fans into its gameplay mechanics. There are a million different gacha games in the market with similar gameplay, but The alchemist’s code has some of the best anime crossovers in the bunch.

In addition to its own original cast, The alchemist’s code presents characters from the Fate series, Seven capital sins, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and even The attack of the Titans. For fans looking for the chance to get anime characters outside of the Shonen Jump catalog, The alchemist’s code is the place to go.

7 MUGEN Fighter’s open source code makes it all possible for anime fans

Goku vs. Ronald _ MUGEN Fighter

Fans made sure to create a long list of playable anime characters for the Mugen 2d fighting game engine. The simplicity of the Mugen engine allows fans to create and share any character from any animated series they can imagine.

This includes the characters of Dragon Ball, My hero university, and Geasse code. Few games include the long list of anime characters available for download in MUGEN fighter and no game has ever included such a wide range of characters from so many different platforms.

6 Bandai Namco’s Jump Hero Taisen is still the first Jump Force Mobile Gacha game

Jump Hero Taisen _ DB _ Bleach _ Yuyu Hakusho _ One Piece _ Gacha Game _ Shonen Jump

Bandai Namco’s officially licensed Shonen Jump gacha mobile game was revamped a few years ago and rebranded Skip the hero Taisen.

Ore Collection 2 is the first mobile game for fans interested in the gacha genre and looking to collect classic Shonen Jump characters like Naruto, Luffy, and Yusuke Urameshi.

5 Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars offers A-level gameplay with lesser-known anime characters

Fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Fans of the Marvel vs. Capcom The fighting game series could be captivated by another Capcom crossover fighting game released under the name Tasunoko vs. Capcom. Tatsunoko is a lesser-known animation studio that has managed to produce a number of gems over the years.

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If fans aren’t able to put together a team of Capcom characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, they can always add Polimar or Tekkaman to their team. They might not be household names, but they still made him an anime fighter crossover that garnered some very good critical reviews when it was released for the Wii in 2008.

4 Crossing Void – Global Brings Gacha Gaming Genre to the International Stage

Crossing Void _ Sword Art Online _ Fate Series _ Gacha Game

It seems like every anime crossover is either in the gacha mobile game genre or somewhere in the fighting game community. Crossing the Global Void refuses to break this trend by offering anime fans and mobile gamers the option of choosing characters from Sword art online and Durarara !! Crossing the Void – Global has some of the best anime crossover events of any gacha game.

It’s also designed for an international audience, so Western gamers won’t have to wade through poorly translated mods to figure out how to unlock their favorite anime characters.

3 DreamMix TV World Fighters sets the stage for anime and video game characters to battle it out

DreamMix TV World _ Games vs.  anime crossover

Megatron Transformers and Takao from Beyblade They might not be the most popular anime characters out there, but for fans who still want Goku to smash, DreamMix TV can offer something that Super Smash Bros. never will be.

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The very first fighting game to include Solid Snake as a playable character was not Super Smash Bros. This claim goes to DreamMix TV World Fighters, a crossover fighting game that featured both anime and video game characters.

2 Hero Cantare brings together Webtoons, Anime, and Gacha on the mobile gaming platform

Tower of God _ High School God _ Webtoon Crossover

Cantare hero is probably the farthest a game can reach outside of the anime realm and still counts as an anime cross play. When originally built, Cantare hero was supposed to be a came gacha that hosted popular characters from various webtoons. These characters include Endorsi de Tower of God and the Ilpyo park of The high school god.

Tower of God and The high school god the two gained a lot of followers when Crunchyroll decided to use Korean webtoons as the source for their list of original anime. Cantare hero brings these two worlds together in one gacha game that gives readers and viewers the chance to play with their favorite anime / manhwa characters.

1 Battle Stadium DON delivers three Shonen Jump titles to players

Cell vs. Sasuke vs. Luffy vs. Zoro

Before Jump force Where J-Stars gave anime fans the chance to grab a controller and prove to their friends that Goku could defeat Naruto, DON battle stadium by Bandai Namco was the best of the best animated crossover fighting games. Before the release of this game on GameCube and PlayStation 2, it was only possible to dream that the characters of Shonen Jump would cross paths to fight.

Although the cast of playable characters in DON battle stadium is small compared to its successors, its gameplay is on par with modern games. While that might not be a real compliment to the original Shonen Jump fighter, it says a lot about the unparalleled joy a player can feel when given the opportunity to dive into three of Shonen’s greatest titles. Jump and crush two characters together who would never have had the chance to meet in the cannon world.

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