Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Announces Animated Series


Keanu Reeves is a Hollywood legend, having brought Neo to life from MatrixTed from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and John Wick from the titular film series. Now, it looks like Reeves is about to enter a new medium with his comic book series, BOOM! The studios’ BRZRKR is set to get its own anime adaptation, as revealed during the BRZRKR panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Our very own Kofi Outlaw is currently attending the San Diego Comic-Con Panel to BRZRKRin which the new anime series has been confirmed to be in the works by studio Production IG, with the adaptation already confirmed to receive two seasons:

“Stephen Christy kicks off the discussion on the BRZRKR anime talking about Keanu being a true fan of blue comics (Reeves takes issue with him being a green belt compared to the other panelists’ brown, black, and don belts). It is confirmed that by BRZRKR The Netflix anime will have two seasons and Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) will be the studio producing it.”

The BRZRKR The Boom Studios series also received a trailer detailing the show’s overall plot, narrated by Keanu Reeves himself to give readers a better idea of ​​what the blood-soaked series entailed:

The series of comics for BRZRKRwhich was published by Boom Studios, included Keanu Reeves as writer, alongside comics writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney, with the comics company releasing the following official description of the series:

“AN ENDLESS WAR. The man known only as B. is half mortal and half God, cursed and forced into violence…even at the cost of his sanity. But after wandering the world for centuries, the Berzerker may have finally found refuge – working for the US government to fight battles that are too fierce and too dangerous for others. In exchange, B. will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth. on his endless, bloody existence…and how to end it Keanu Reeves makes his comic book writing debut alongside New York Times bestselling co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Grass Kings) and the legendary artist Ron Garney (Wolverine) in a brutally violent new series about an immortal warrior’s fight through the ages.

BRZRKR is also set to get a movie in the future on Netflix, showing how the Boom Studio property is set to grow.

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