Last of Us fans share great cartoons in both games


Anime rarely comes to mind first when thinking The last of usThat’s not to say it didn’t work. In fact, a wise fan The last of us If done correctly, it shows that it can sound amazing.

This isn’t the first time franchise fans have gotten creative when it comes to art style. Recently, comic style Last of us 2 image I did the trick and it looked very different from the realistic approach to the game, but it still worked really well. There are many other styles in hand painted works and paintings, all of which are wonderful in their own way. But for anime fans, Caro-Oliveira’s work is memorable.

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During this time The last of us Fan art Originally created in 2020, it is gaining popularity with a Reddit post by Winged_Daedalus. Thanks to this repost, this art is getting more attention than ever, and the fan’s work has a lot of charm. There are a total of 12 pieces in the set, with 5 full frames of the original game and 7 controversial follow-up frames. Several different characters are highlighted and the first image of the set represents the meeting between Erie and David.

Our latest Erie Anime Art

NS Young version of Erie In this artwork the hair and outfit go perfectly, so it looks great. Despite some anime-like features like big eyes, the facial features still match Erie’s pretty well. Both its arc and surroundings are detailed, and the shadows clearly accentuate the anime-inspired look. Joel shines several pieces, and his young and old looks have his own works of art. The two see him speaking directly to Erie, the first is one of his lessons for her, and the second is a flashback to the sequel. The characters are incredibly well translated in the anime style.

Our last 2 Joel Anime Art

Yet another great piece captures Last of us 2The most notorious scene in As you can see Abby swinging a golf club. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a line that says “Can’t hurry” and Joel’s hair is pointing from the bottom right corner. Abbey’s facial expressions are horrifying, and it’s easy to imagine what the moment would look like if a true anime adaptation took place. Nora is also visible in the background, increasing the accuracy of the fan’s hard work.

Our last 2 Abbey Anime Art

Show the artist secondary characters like Lev, Tess, Riley, and plenty of iconic visuals given the turn of the anime. Winged_Daedalus deserves praise for finding and sharing this underrated art, but Caro-Oliveira should be commended much more for doing so.

The last of us remade It is said to be under development.

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source: Reddit, DeviantArt

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