Netflix Announces New Sci-Fi Anime Series Moonrise


To our delight, cartoons on Netflix only get better with time, especially those that belong to the sci-fi fantasy genre.

In the past, the streaming service has released a plethora of amazing sci-fi titles that fans still can’t get enough of. Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 and Orbital children are just some of these original series just like 2021 anime titles Eden and Yasuke. And who could forget the thrill we felt when we all streamed Bubble for the first time? (We can still hear Uta’s ethereal voice in the back of our minds.)

While these titles are perfect on their own, there are still tons of other great sci-fi masterpieces fans can expect to see on Netflix in the future, especially the upcoming original, Moonrise.

Read on to learn everything we know so far about the original anime series.

Moonrise Synopsis

According @NetflixAnime, moonrise is an anime that will take its viewers on a journey through space. Audiences will learn about the many difficulties that come with space exploration, such as harsh atmospheres, long periods of isolation, and of course, the possibility of encountering other living creatures while exploring.

Moonrise First Look Poster

We have not yet received a trailer for this upcoming anime. Fortunately, we got a first image. Trust us when we say this photo alone is enough to amaze you.

Check out this image of moonrise below.

Did you recognize the art style? If so, you are certainly an expert in reporting which WIT STUDIO projects (The attack of the Titans, Spy x Family, Vinland Saga) got his hands on it!

The beloved animation studio is responsible for bringing this wonderful story to life, which is even more of a reason for everyone to tune in once this series is officially released.

Moonrise Release Predictions

The release date of this sci-fi title has not yet been announced. But we anticipate that we may have to wait until late 2022 or early 2023 to see this anime. Not only is WIT STUDIO very busy creating more anime titles, but so is Netflix. With that in mind, it may take some time before moonrise comes to the fore.

Then again, it’s possible that this title is already a top priority. Maybe he’s already on his way soon. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! Until then, head over to Netflix to start streaming other great sci-fi anime, just like moonrise.

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