Netflix has quietly developed a VR link for its animated series “Eden”


Netflix could launch into video games sooner than expected. Without much fanfare, the company quietly worked on a free-to-play Oculus Quest game called Eden unearthed. Spotted by DownloadVR, the game is available through the App Lab, which means it didn’t go through Oculus’ full review process. The listing says the game was both developed and released by Netflix, but provides little further clue as to its origins.

What we can say is that it was almost certainly seen as a connection with the Eden animated series the company released in May. What’s interesting here is that there are two separate versions of the app with different release dates. Version 0.7 was released on April 20, while version 0.8 was released in August. This fact, along with the App Lab listing, would seem to suggest that Netflix is ​​still working on the game.

At the moment it’s hard to say if Eden unearthed represents the kind of video game release we can expect from Netflix in the future. In July, the company hired former Oculus and EA executive Mike Verdu to help him build a team of players. At the time, Bloomberg said the company’s plan is to offer games in addition to its traditional video offerings over the next year.

Updated 9/22/15:43 ET: A spokesperson for Netflix told Engadget Eden unearthed is not part of the company’s larger gaming initiative. Instead, it was something the company’s marketing team created to promote the release of Eden.

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