Netflix just announced huge roster of animated series and movies


Netflix’s expansion into the anime continues. Today, the streaming service announced details of a number of exciting shows, ranging from a horror series with characters designed by Final fantasyby Yoshitaka Amano in the next chapter of the Gundam franchise to another Godzilla show. Here’s everything that was announced:

Gundam Hathaway mobile suit

Headlining was the return of the classic mech franchise Gundam, with a series called Gundam Hathaway mobile suit. “After the Char rebellion, Hathaway Noa leads an insurgency against the Earth Federation, but meeting an enemy officer and a mysterious woman changes his fate,” the description reads. He is listed as coming soon and will eventually be joined by a live-action Gundam film from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Shaman king

August 9 will see the start of Shaman king, a program about the shamans who fight to become king. It’s a pretty straightforward premise that seems to be backed by a lot of action.

Edens Zero

Sci-fi manga Edens Zero becomes an anime, with an awesome series about a boy who can control gravity. It will be released on August 26.


We don’t have a trailer for the horror series Exception, but this teaser art piece is pretty creepy on its own. Perhaps the most exciting part is that it will feature character designs from famous Final fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Brilliant: samurai soul

There’s also no trailer for this one, but the first frame shows a beautiful art style that I can’t wait to see in motion. No word on a premiere date.

Make my day

On the cinema side, Netflix has also announced Make my day, which seems to channel frozen horror classics like The thing: “On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly appeared from the dark underground and began to attack the inhabitants.”

Godzilla: singular point

This kaiju series debuted on Netflix in Japan earlier this year, but will be available worldwide – and in English – on June 24.

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