New Digimon Animated Series, Movie Announcement


The Monster Fighting Series digivolts again with the announcement of a new animated TV series and a new Digimon 02 movie.

Bandai plans even more round-trip travel in the digital world, as the company announced two new Digimon animated projects.

According to Anime Intelligence and Research, the first of the new Digimon projects will be an animated television series titled Digimon Ghost Game. The series will feature a new cast of characters and digital monsters, although it is currently not known whether this show is set on the same continuity as Digimon Adventure, or if it takes place in a separate universe, similar to Digimon Tamers. The new show will air before the end of 2021. A poster featuring the trio of new characters has been posted on Twitter.

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The Second New Digimon Project is a new film based on the second season of the Digimon Adventures lively. The trailer features the Daisuke bound for Digi (known as Davis in the English locale) discussing his meeting with a new Digimon trainer who has a Digivice but no Digimon partner to go with him. The second generation of Digi-destined played minor roles in the Digimon Adventure continuation series Digimon Adventure Tri and the heartbreaking final film of the series Digimon Adventure: Latest Kizuna Evolution, but this new movie would have shed some light on the cast of the second season. No other details, including what other characters will appear and what time frame the film is set, have been announced.

The Digimon franchise began in 1997 with the release of a line of virtual pet toys, which were a spinoff of the popular Tamagotchi line, also created by Bandai. The first toy-based anime, Digimon Adventure, released in 1999. Despite early comparisons with Nintendo’s game Pokemon series, Digimon Adventure differentiated itself with an ongoing serialized story that earned the series a dedicated fan base. Mamoru Hosoda, the acclaimed director of animated films such as Summer wars, The girl who jumped in time and the next one Beautiful, worked on the series and directed the animated shorts which would be re-released together and released as Digimon: the movie internationally. A remake of the original animated series that aired in 2020. In addition to the anime, the franchise has also continued through regular video game releases on several generations of consoles, the latest of which will be Digimon Survive, which was originally announced in 2018, but was recently postponed to 2022 due to development complications related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The original 1999 Digimon Adventure series, as well as its second season, which features the next generation of characters that will appear in the upcoming film, are available to stream on Hulu. The 2020 reboot of the series is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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