Nier Automata Might Get Its Own Anime Series


Of the many successful JRPGs released over the past 10 years, Deny automata is the one who left a strong impact on many of his players. With experimental user interactivity, an emotionally complex storyline, and well-executed combat mechanics, Deny automata has a lot to offer that sets itself apart from other JRPGs. Now, it looks like the game is getting its own anime adaptation.

One of the essential foundations of the two tranches of the Deny the series is narrative. Both Deny automata and Replicant Nier feature extremely tragic and depressing tales, which grapple with loss, conflict, revenge and hope. Given the multifaceted nature of Nier’s storytelling and presentation, either game’s story could easily be given some sort of standalone adaptation that focuses entirely on storytelling. However, apparently something to that effect may already be in the works.


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On Twitter, a user named Spanku_u, who has provided credible leaks on anime projects in the past, said that Deny automata will receive an animated adaptation. Obviously, nothing is confirmed, but the leaker has accurately predicted similar adaptations. It’s not uncommon for video games, especially JRPGs, to receive anime adaptations that cover the plot of the game. For example, Persona 4, Persona 5, and the ace lawyer The series all received anime adaptations that covered key story moments featured in each respective game.

However, unlike previous examples of animated video game adaptations, Deny automata can be difficult to adapt. The reason being that a large part of Nier Automata narrative lends itself to the idea of ​​user interactivity. While Deny automata is home to a number of well-written and memorable characters, such as 2B, 9S, A2, and Emil, who previously appeared in Replicant Nierlack of interactivity can lose much of the impact Deny automata had on a number of his players.

Not to mention the fact that Deny automata has a lot of endings and by extension, a lot of story content for players to explore. These endings are only presented to the player after certain in-game decisions are made. It’s actually quite easy for players to make a lot of bad decisions in Deny automata it could cost them the best ending. The thing is, trying to fit every facet of Nier Automata history could prove to be a difficult undertaking.

Anyway, the story of Deny automata is an incredibly powerful and emotional experience that could potentially benefit from an anime adaptation. Not only would this bring more attention to the game, but it could also offer non-video gamers a chance to experience the story of 2B, 9S, and A2 without the pressure of having to play through the game.

To deny: automata is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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