Official Trailer for Adult Swim’s Blade Runner: Black Lotus Animated Series


Official Trailer for Adult Swim’s Blade Runner: Black Lotus Animated Series

by Alex Billington
10 October 2021
Source: Youtube

“Why are my dreams getting worse? What have you done to us? “ Adult Swim has unveiled yet another new official trailer for its animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, directed by two acclaimed “Ghost in the Shell” filmmakers – Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama, working at Sola Digital Arts. This will launch in November this fall to stream on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Set in 2032, after the events of Shinichirō Watanabe’s “Black Out” short, Blade Runner 2049, the series follows a young woman who discovers that she is in fact a replicant, Elle, and is quickly plunged into an underworld. dangerous run by cruel thugs and the wealthy elite. It will also include other “familiar” characters from the Blade Runner universe, including Doc Badger. Voice distribution includes Arisa Shida and Shinshu Fuji (Japanese) / Jessica henwick and Yun lee (English). This is a solid trailer, copying that 80s noir sci-fi vibe from the original film and sticking to it. I’m curious, especially knowing this series in the hands of two very talented anime directors.

Here are the trailers (+ poster) for Adult Swim’s Blade Runner: Black Lotus series, live from Youtube:

Blade Runner: Black Lotus Poster

“The world that changed the way we think about science fiction is back.” Los Angeles 2032. A young woman wakes up with no memory and possessing deadly skills. The only clues to its mystery are a locked data device and a black lotus tattoo. Putting the pieces together, Elle (Arisa Shida / Jessica Henwick) must hunt down those responsible for her brutal and bloody past to uncover the truth about her lost identity. Blade Runner: Black Lotus is directed by renowned Japanese filmmakers Shinji aramaki (from “Ghost in the Shell”, “Ultraman”, Apple seeds, Ex Machina apple seeds, Starship Troopers: Invasion) and Kenji kamiyama (from “Ghost in the Shell”, “Ultraman”, Eastern Eden, Cyborg 009: Call for Justice I-III, Nap princess). Creation produced by Shinichirō Watanabe; and it is also produced by Ridley Scott. Directed by Alcon Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, Sola Digital Arts and Williams Street. Adult Swim will debut Blade Runner: Black Lotus streaming (also on Crunchyroll) from November 13, 2021 this autumn. Who is in?

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